Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Booking Dinner For Plus Size People

I am quite a sociable person and love getting together with friends and family for dinner and drinks. In the past I have been involved in arranging groups of plus size people to get together and enjoy some social time. It seems like a really easy thing to do, but actually there are some things to take into consideration to ensure as many people are comfortable as possible.

I know a time when we can dine out seems like it might never return, but I have to hold onto the fact it will. I need an all-day breakfast, a Sunday carvery or and a Wetherspoons Curry Club and pronto.

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One of the things I have realised with booking for big groups of people is that it isn't always possible to please everyone and sometimes people will need to make compromises if they wish to attend. Try to think about what is able to be compromised on and what isn't when thinking about what to book and where to book.

Book in Advance

I would always recommend booking in advance if you can. There are websites like Squaremeal that make it really easy, click here to check them out. They have a really handy booking system and show things like hygiene ratings, which makes it much easier when trying to decide where to eat. If you are attending a venue that you have been to before then don't be afraid to ask for seats in a certain area if you know that is what is going to be best.

Think Seating

If you're not plus-size, or are on the smaller end of plus-size then seating might not be something that you give consideration to, but it should be. Remember that larger bodies take up more room, so it is important to consider this when booking. Booths can be tricky and if there are some seats available without arms then this is a bonus too! Google images and company websites are a great way of getting an idea of what type of seating and space is available.


Accessibility is important and make sure you head to places such as Georgina Grogans social media as she is a disabled person that talks openly about this and I have learned lots from her. Discuss the needs of people with them and if they are up to it ask for their help in finding somewhere that works. As a non-disabled person I haven't always got this right and venues aren't always as accessible as they should be. However by thinking about everyone's needs and doing a little research it isn't hard to find somewhere that works.


Try to think about the venue if you can and what will make people the most comfortable. Are the toilets up lots of stairs? Is the venue likely to be cramped? Just think about what will make sure everyone can relax and have a nice time as possible. 


Don't be afraid to speak to the venue and discuss your needs. Remember you're going to be spending money there, so they should be able to help you and ensure that everyone in your party is as comfortable as possible. They know the venue better than anyone else, so they're in the best possible to answer any questions you have!

What tips do you have for eating out comfortably?

Debz x

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