Monday, 6 April 2020

Virtual Reality Slot Games

Due to intense competition, companies are always trying to find new ways to attract and retain slots customers. And over the past decade or so, we’ve been introduced to innovative new genres like multiple-ways-to-win slots and progressive slots. But make no mistake about it: virtual reality (VR) is the next big thing in slots - click to visit.

What is VR?

VR is a computer-simulated reality experienced through senses such as sight, touch and hearing. And to enter this new world, you need to wear a virtual reality gadget like a headset. Of course, the great thing about VR is you aren’t just a spectator in your new environment; you can interact with it, too. Therefore, it feels real and can be even more fun than real life at times.

Why are Slot Companies All Over It?

Slot companies have no problem attracting Baby Boomers and Generation X players, yet they struggle to attract the more tech-oriented Millennials. So even though business is booming now, the slot industry will shrink in 20 years – when the Boomers start to retire – unless games can appeal to the younger generations. Thus, it’s no surprise that slot companies are investing heavily in VR.

Opportunities for Slots

New Pub Entertainment

Given the popularity of combining boozing and gambling, it wouldn’t be a big surprise if VR emerges as essential pub entertainment. In fact, the BBC suggested as much in 2017 in an article about VR darts. Of course, VR dart games are appealing because they can protect us from stray darts. But if VR slots boast exciting gameplay and great prizes, they could be at the forefront of this revolution as slots have always been one of the most popular forms of entertainment in pubs.

Get Healthy with Slots!

Though it had worse graphics and a slower processor than its rivals,  the Nintendo Wii games console was a game-changer (please excuse the pun) as it introduced motion-sensor gaming to the masses. And VR slots could enjoy similar levels of success by demanding physical activity such as running because you could improve your health as you play.

More Connections

VR slots will not only make it possible for us to play slots with other people, they’ll also allow us to have physical contact with them. In other words, we’ll be able to talk, laugh and even shake people’s hands during a game. Consequently, this should bring us new friends.

Increased Variety of Games

When slot companies start to take advantage of the technology, VR will not only boast existing slot genres; it will also be home to many new genres. Therefore, you’ll be able to play more games than ever.

Final Thoughts

VR offers slot developers a golden opportunity to revolutionize the slots world as we know it. And if they play their cards right, VR slots could become a pub staple, keep us healthy, improve our social lives and give us more games than we could ever dream of. So, get ready for change!

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