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Scrapbooking - A Great Hobby!

If you've found yourself with a little more spare time than normal, then you might be thinking about what sort of craft hobbies you can take up. As a teenager I loved keeping diaries and scrapbooks and would love to dabble in this once again. I think bullet journals and scrapbooks are a really fun way to document what is happening and pass some time, so definitely worth considering if you’re looking for something new to do!

What is a Scrapbook?

A scrapbook is a way to document what is happening at any time. Rather than it being a straight up written diary it is generally made up of quotes, photos, drawn pictures, things cut out of magazines, written paragraphs and much more. To be honest, a scrapbook is a personal thing and everyone will make their differently – which is part of the fun! Whether you’re making a scrapbook to remember a specific event or as a gift for someone else will affect how you design it. Remember, there is no right or wrong because it’s entirely up to you how you design your own scrapbook!

What Scrapbooking Supplies Do I Need?

This depends on how you’re making your scrapbook; you have options to make it both digitally and physically. If you’re making it digitally you’ll want to look at online templates and software to make this happen. If you’re making one out of physical paper then you’ll want paper, card, scissors and coloured pens to start! You could also look at investing in stickers, glue, glitter and everything else you think could be needed to make your scrapbook as pretty as you like.

Scrapbook Set Light | Make Your Own Scrapbook - myphotobook UK

Where to Start With Scrapbooking

There is no right or wrong, you can learn as you go and this is perfectly fine. You might even start a scrapbook, realise it isn’t exactly how you like it and start again! Part of the job of crafting is learning as you go along and expanding your skills. All of this is okay. Why not start with some scrapbook research? Have a look for scrapbook designs online – this is a great way to research what is out there & how you might like to design your very own scrapbook(s)

Getting Ideas and Inspiration

If you haven’t scrapbooked before, you might not have an idea of how you want your scrapbook to look. Places like Design Bundles are a great place to look up things such as background patterns and templates for scrapbooking. Design Bundles actually have pages to help with all sorts of crafting hobbies, not just scrapbooking. They can help with different fonts, images for blog posts and much more! If you’re someone that is interested in starting some sort of crafting hobby then I would recommend a visit to Design Bundles before you get started.

Why I Stopped Scrapbooking

I scrapbooked lots as a teenager – I would cut out pages from Smash Hits magazine and glue them in with a date and page number of the magazine in question, mostly about my favourite boyband at the time. I still have the scrapbooks now and when I moved home recently rediscovered them and enjoyed having a read through. I am not sure why I stopped scrapbooking – lack of time and perhaps boredom? What I do know is that when you have a look online for scrapbooking inspiration, there is loads to keep you motivated and change up what you’re doing.

What Could You Scrapbook?

Honestly, you can scrapbook about pretty much anything you want! I know schools are encouraging students to keep diaries of the lockdown times they’re experiencing so these can be looked at in the future. If they find the idea of keeping a diary boring, maybe a scrapbook could help keep them motivated? It doesn’t have to be anything extensive, some newspaper clippings of headlines and their own thoughts would be a good start. Especially if you team this up with the Design Bundles website to get ideas and inspiration on what your scrapbook could look like.
I know lots of people are finding it hard to start motivated during lockdown, and for teenagers I imagine it’s even tougher! A gentle project like scrapbooking that the whole family could do together could be a place to start? You could design pages together, or design a page each and stick them together to finish your project when everyone is done.

Are you crafting at the moment? What hobbies are you undertaking to spend your time during 

Stay Safe.

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