Thursday, 10 September 2020

How To Be Social Whilst Social Distancing

Although I live a much quieter life these days, I used to love being sociable. It used to be me that would book a table somewhere and encourage a group of my friends out to have cocktails and dance the night away. I'm now getting older and like a quieter life but I can see that nights out like these can be tricky with the new (and ever-changing) social distancing measures that are in place.

For example, if you want to join an Aberdeen dating site, how do you meet up with other singletons and remain socially distances? I'm pleased to say that online dating has been successful for me and I am now happily 'settled' - but on our first date we definitely held hands and we couldn't do that currently, so I can see that things might be tough.

Keep Things Online

One option is to keep things online until we go back to normal a bit. I can imagine that this would take the pressure off a bit, because if you can’t meet up then you can simply spend the time getting to know one another. Video calling has been super popular during lockdown and there is no reason why you can’t take advantage of this and set up some virtual dates. There are loads of ideas for games you can play online, ice-breaker questions etc. so you don’t have to let not being able to see each other in person be a barrier for getting to know one another.

Take Things Outside
If you decide that you do like someone, the chances are you are going to want to meet in the flesh and see if this carries through to real life, it just makes sense! If you do want to do this, I would suggest an outdoor date. We’re getting a little cold for this in the evenings, but perhaps wrap up and brave a winter walk? On a warm day you could go for a picnic or see what local events are happening outside. With lots of space and an activity to do, you should find that keeping your distance isn’t too much of a chore.

Finding Love

Whether you’re joining or another dating site in order to meet someone, you can do it and remain safe. Maybe after a date or two you could head to a pub with an outdoor area and enjoy some dinner? Or is there an outdoor cinema you could enjoy?

There is no doubting that within the current climate we have to be a bit more inventive when it comes to meeting new people but that doesn’t make it impossible. Even during these times, we all deserve a little happiness and some company, so if you are ready for dating then get yourself on a dating site and see what happens. I found the best way was to go with no expectations, see what happens and anything that did happen was a lucky bonus. It worked out for me, so I have no doubt it could work for you too!

Have you tried online dating recently? How was it?

Debz xx

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