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Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Taking a Roadtrip

I haven't ever flown on a airplane; to be honest with you when I was younger I was a scared and now I'm a grown up I just can't afford it. However that doesn't mean I don't get out and about, I'm often taking road (and train) trips up and down the UK. I love seeing friends up and down the country, attending different events and seeing what this part of the world has to offer.

I have had some fantastic times away in this country and count myself very lucky, but I do often have a sense of wanderlust about what I would see and where I would go, should I have the ability to hop in on a plane and see somewhere new.

What is good is that places such as Purple Parking make getting to the airport and on the plane hassle free, which is great for me as I know I would be anxious about flying.

Where Would I Go?

When I was invited to think about where I would go on a road-trip, I really had to get my thinking cap on. One place I would love to visit is Las Vegas (Go big or stay home right?) so a trip that ends there would be amazing. My geography of America isn't great but I would love a trip that would allow me to drive through some of the USA. Of course, I would have to sample of the amazing food the different states have to offer and pop into a few plus size clothing stores on the way.

Where would you visit, if you could?

Debz xx

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