Thursday, 1 November 2018

3 Easy Ways To Save Money

Now that I have my own flat (did I mention that already? haha) my living costs have gone up. Most this means less takeaways and Ubers, but I do also need to look at ways to save money and spend less. This is mostly because I want to be able to buy pretty things for the house without having to worry too much - Yes, I have turned into one of those people!

Using Online Vouchers

If you are shopping online, make sure you always look for a voucher code before you do. These codes can sometimes only be very small savings (free postage for example) but sometimes you're able to use more than one at a time, which can really help when it comes to saving some cash. I often find codes just by giving it a quick Google before I go through checkout online, however Hot Deals UK is a really good site for looking at what is available and how you can make sure you save as much money on your online shop as possible. Websites such as DealsPlanet are great for this too!

Get Cashback

This is a habit that I really need to get better at! You can get cashback on so many websites online, and it really is so simple that I kick myself every time I forget. Although, when I signed up to my new broadband, I did get £70 cash back, so I don't forget all the time. Usually it is just a couple of percent that you get back, however if it is something you were going to buy anyway, why wouldn't you? Then when you have built up a larger amount you can have the money put in your account. Sounds great doesn't it?

Use A Savings App

I actually use Plum, but I know there are a few out there. Basically, I give the app access to my bank account and every few days it takes money out of my bank into their savings account. I can set how much of an aggressive saver I want it to be, and it looks at my balance before deciding how much to take out. You can withdraw back to your bank at anytime, and it usually goes back in the same day. I try to save up £100 at a time and then withdraw that in bulk to put in my actual savings account. I have been using it for around a year and have to say, I find it really useful!

Bonus Tip - Be Sensible

Although this isn't a savings tip, it is important to look into any times that you want to borrow money. I am sure at one point or another, we have all borrowed money for something. There are different ways to borrow money and it's important to look into the route you choose and make sure it's the best one for you. I have recently been introduced to Cash Lady which looks like a fab option for those needing money fast. I like that they have everything easy to read and find, so it doesn't feel like they're tricking you into anything!

What money saving tips would you share if you could?

Debz x

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Monday, 29 October 2018

The Importance of Good Relationships

When we first thing of relationships, we tend to think of the couple kind. Whatever genders those may be made up of, relationships tend to be the romantic type that come to our mind first. And that is fine, these are great and can be a really valid and great part of your life. However, what I would say is that for me, all sorts of relationships in my life are essential and make me happy – including friendships and family

Maintain Good Relationships
Whatever type of relationship you are talking about, good communication is the key to maintaining these. You will probably have seen on my social media recently that my sister had a baby a few weeks ago and she is magnificent. However, they live a few hours away so for me the likes of Whatsapp have been great – we video call, swap photos etc and its been really lovely to get to know baby Dorothy in this way and I hope it continues. So, if you’re someone looking for a relationship of the romantic kind, don’t just think that joining a Derbyshire dating site is enough, you need to make sure you communicate and stay in touch, this really will help any relationship flourish and grow.

Finding a Good Relationship

If you want to meet new people, whether romantically or otherwise – it’s important to meet the right type of people. It is all well and good browsing things such as dating sites in Derbyshire but you need to make sure you find someone on your wavelength. Enjoying spending time with people you care about is really important, so its important to invest what you can into making this happen. Of course you won’t always know straight away that this person can give you what you want, but spending time getting to know someone and ensuring you get on well is pretty much essential.

The Importance of Good Relationships

Once you find someone you like spending time with, you’ll probably want to spend more time with them. Whether this is for senior dating, mates dates or simply a friend at work you will find yourself spending more time in their company. That is why it is important that you choose to spend your time with people who hep you grow rather than holding you back. In general my closest friends and family are my biggest cheerleaders and supporters and that is something that I wouldn’t ever want to be without. There is little good being in any type of relationship where people hold you back or you’re frightened to tell them about achievements due to fear of upsetting them.

Instead, seek out relationships with people who will be by your side through thick and thin, supporting you all the way and you really won’t go far wrong! Of course, it works both ways and you should be sure to cheerlead for the people in your life too!

Debz x

Friday, 26 October 2018

3 New Things You Could Try Before The End of The Year

As much as I don’t want to think about it, 2018 is nearly over and it’s time to start thinking about the new year and what that might hold. Now, although I am not someone to make massive New Years resolutions, I do think having some goals you want to achieve before the end of the year might be nice. Personally, I am not a big fan of winter so this makes the dull months seem much more bearable.

Go Somewhere New

Over the last couple of months, I have been keen to try new things and see new places. One of the things I really like to do is look on places such as Groupon for new things to try. This is great because they’re often at a discount and who doesn’t like a bargain? However, what it also does is give me a good idea of what is out there which I might not have heard of before! I have tried different meals out and also some great afternoon teas, which have been themed and really add to the enjoyment of the day.

Go On a Date

If you are single and ready to mingle, why not go on a date before Christmas? If you’re not out there already you can join something such as a Berkshire dating site and see about meeting some new people. Although I wouldn’t suggest rushing into anything there’s certainly no harm in setting up a profile and see what is out there. The good news is that there are loads of dating sites in Berkshire, or other options local to you, so finding a dating site that suits shouldn’t be too much of a struggle. For example, looking for over 50s dating? No problem, there’s sites out there for you too!

Give A Little Back

This time of year is all about giving and receiving presents, so why not do something nice for someone? I have seen lots of talk about hampers for people less well off than ourselves, or volunteering at places to serve up a festive meal. I am sure most of us can spare a few pound or a few hours, so why not aim for this to be something that you do before the year is over? I know I have Googled and there are a few local options to me, so it’s something I’ll be aiming to do before we say goodbye to 2018.

What I would say is that this time of year can feel pressure to re-live what we have done this year an often that means a reminder of what we haven’t done. Just remember that it is perfectly acceptable to go at your own pace and achieve things as and when is right for you. The end of the year, is simply the end of the year and not a symbol that you have failed because there’s something you wanted to do which you haven’t in the past 365 days.

Debz x

Thursday, 25 October 2018

4 Stylish Tips to Dressing in Scrubs

4 Stylish tips to dressing in scrubs
Almost every nurse can agree to the fact that scrubs are not the most stylish clothes to wear.
They may be comfortable but most of them are just plain and simply unflattering. Luckily, there are a
few ways you can wear your scrubs and look chic. Here are a few tips to consider;

Accessorize well
If you want to look stylish in your scrubs and still remain professional, then you need to know how to
accessorize well. For example, you can use a decorative tag or get a cover for your stethoscope to
match your scrubs. Also, look for scrubs that come with a cap or hat, vest or coordinating jacket to
spice up your look. As long as the accessories are allowed, you can still rock your scrubs in a
fashionable way. Get good quality scrubs and be creative while accessorizing, as simple efforts like the
socks or shoes you wear go a long way to creating a stylish look.

Ensure they fit you

The last thing you want is going to work wearing baggy or tight scrubs. They need to be well-fitting for
comfort and safety because tight ones may restrict your movement and baggy ones may make you
slip or trip. Mobb Scrubs, for instance, sometimes come in a stretchy fabric that allows for unrestricted
movement and complete comfort. Ensure you try them on first to see if the chest, arm, and shoulder
areas fit well and if you are purchasing your scrubs online, make sure you have the right measurements
of your body.

Go for a conspicuous color

Unless your hospital restricts the color of your scrubs to one, then go for a conspicuous color.
One clever way to choose the color of your scrubs is by knowing your undertone. A warm undertone
will go well with earth colors and on the other hand, a cool undertone will go well with cool grays and
sea shades. Having a neutral undertone means that you will do good with almost all the colors.
You can also choose a complimentary color to go well with your hair, eye color or even your personality.
If your hospital allows, you can ditch the plain colors and go for other fun color patterns that you like.

Consider quality

The quality of your scrubs matters a lot and can make or break your look. You don’t want to report to
work with well-ironed scrubs then end up with wrinkled sweat-soaked scrubs in the afternoon.
Some of the scrubs are made of sustainable fabrics which don’t tear easily and some of them are
wash and wear which makes them more convenient. Look for double stitched seams and reinforced
pockets and go for fabric made out of nylon, polyester or spandex as they are of the best quality.

Just because scrubs are not fashionable, it doesn’t mean that you cannot wear them and still look
stylish. There are different ways to stylishly wear your scrubs without compromising your comfort or
breaking the dressing code rules in your hospital.  

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Choosing The Right Way To Date

The world of dating is a funny old thing isn’t it? We all navigate it differently, which is exactly how it should be. In the past I have written (and read) guides on what to do when dating, how to act on dates, where to go on a date etc. And all of these things are great, but if you’re a member of something such as a Bedfordshire dating site, I believe it making sure you use this site in the way you want to and in a way that makes you happy.

Dating Websites

In the past, I have used dating websites that I thought were the right ones for me. I assumed that plus size dating websites were the way forward, because I am someone that is plus size and wants to date, makes sense doesn’t it? However, I understand now that there are loads of factors that come into play when it comes to dating so perhaps something more generic such as dating sites in Bedfordshire might work better for you?

Online dating is great and allows you to meet people you may not have met before, so it is something I would recommend if you’re looking to get out there and meet new people, with the of starting dating or something romantic. Just know that the way you navigate dating is unique to you and there are no rights or wrongs.

Finding The Right Person

Whether you’re looking for over 50s dating, you’ve been single for ages or you just want to dip your toe in the water and see what is out there, there is definitely something for you. For me, I would say the biggest thing was being honest in my profile. I want people to know that I am looking for a certain type of date, or that I am ruling out casual encounters. At the end of the day, there are all sorts of people on dating websites and that is fine, don’t waste your time talking to people who don’t have the potential to give you what you want and make your heart happy.

Know Your Worth
Whoever you choose to date, do it with someone who gives you what you want. Being on the same page as someone you’re in a relationship with is super important and something that you should have conversations about. Of course, you can compromise on your wants depending on what makes you happiest but starting from the same view point is something that really matters. You are fantastic and you are worthy of greatness, so don’t be tempted to settle for something that doesn’t make you completely happy.

There are different standards when it comes to dating and relationships, and honestly there is no right or wrong. Just make sure whatever you are doing feels right for you and you can’t go far wrong. Most importantly – have fun! There’s a whole world of dating opportunities out there if you want them, so go grab them!

Debz x

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Home Decor: Getting Things Perfect

When it comes to decorating your home, it can seem like a hard decision because there is a world of choice when it comes for stuff to choose from. When we think of home decor we tend to think of big things such as curtains, walls and furniture and whilst these are important, it can be the finishing touches that really make things perfect.

One of the small things that can make things just right is to think about flooring. It is easy to lay high quality flooring but then not give much consideration to the finishing touches, however things like decent skirting boards really do make all the difference! 

Then you also have things such as doors, which really do need to be chosen in a way that complements the rest of the room. You can even get architraves custom designed to ensure that they match perfectly.

This might seem really small and unimportant, however it really does matter! Otherwise you run the risk of having an amazing look floor, which is ruined by having gaps between the wall and the floor and this really brings down the look of the whole room, or a door that doesn't fit properly or match the rest of the room style, which makes such a difference to the whole feel of the room!

The good news is that when it comes to home decor, there are loads to choose from,so whatever you are looking for - you can be sure there will be something that suits your needs perfectly.

Finish the room with the right furniture and a beautiful rug and you'll soon have the perfect looking room with minimal effort. 

What type of flooring would you go for should you have the choice?

Debz x

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Choosing How To Decorate Your Home

Is it just me that finds choosing how to decorate a room really hard? I don't mind choosing home furnishings and accessories but choosing big stuff like how to decorate I really find tough. I think this is because it isn't practical to redecorate every few weeks, so I know that whatever I choose is semi-permanent, and that is big pressure!

One of the options I have looked into for my home is some sort of feature wall, because you can get stick on ones that really do look the part. These are great in my opinion because they allow you to decorate your home, but then switch it up again if you want to a later date - without too much expense or hassle.

What is really great about this is that there are so many wall designs to choose from. Want something traditional? Go for something with old white brick slips  - looking for something a bit funky? Go for a sunset or a quirky design!

I love the idea of these because if I suddenly realise I have choosen the wrong one or I want to do something different, I can simply take it down and start again with a new design. Of course, I am not suggesting this is something you'd do at the drop of a hat, but with such an inexpensive cost attached you can do this much more often than you would with a room that would need to be completely repapered or painted

What design would you go for?

Debz x