Thursday, 8 November 2018

Looking After Your Car In The Winter Months

If you are a car owner, then you'll probably already be aware of the importance of looking after your car. Car maintenance is important for ensuring that your car actually goes when you need it to, but also for making sure that you and any passengers are as safe as possible while on your journey.

Checking Your Car

Before you set out on a long journey, make sure you check things like oil and water to ensure that you have enough. It's also a sensible idea to check that you have enough petrol and that all of the lights around your car work. The last thing you want to do is run out of petrol or have a silly problem with the car cause you an unnecessary delay. By checking these things beforehand, you can avoid larger problems later down the line. 

One thing that many people overlook in the winter months is their air conditioning. It is easy to assume that the air conditioning for your car is about keeping the car cool, however, it also used for heating - so you'll want to get this checked to make sure your car is kept cosy throughout the colder months.

Calling In The Experts

It is really important that your car is serviced by an expert on a regular basis too. Getting things like wheel tracking, engine performance and general running of your car helps to ensure your car is healthy and will continue to run efficiently for as long as possible. Maintain your vehicle for better and safer performance by availing car servicing in Northampton from Calmac Tyres Autocentre. Make sure they check the health of any spare tyres you have too!

Be Prepared

You can do all of the preparation possible, but you should also ensure that you're well equipped should things not go to plan. It's a good idea to ensure that you have some essential items in your car boot - a bottle of water, blankets, a warning triangle and a spare can of petrol are the minimum items I would recommend. You could also pack some cereal bars and other food items if you're driving through somewhere rural.

Getting Ready

Ask yourself, is your car ready for winter? If not, it's a good idea to get it serviced and looked at now- so you can be sure you're as ready as possible for the driving conditions the harsh winter months can bring!


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Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Surviving Winter

I think it is time that I stop being in denial and admit that winter is, indeed, coming. I'm sat writing this with a cardigan on, which is a pretty big deal for me - so I think I have to accept that the cold weather is well and truly on its way! I am sure by now most of you know I hate the cold weather and wish for it to be summer every day, however that just won't happen so now is the time to start thinking survival tactics. 

Wrap Up Warm

I am sure most of us know that wrapping up warm is essential for winter, although I have to admit to being really bad at following my own advice on this one. One thing that is best for winter is layers as these tend to keep you warmest - also sensible for when you head inside buildings and want to take off a layer or two to avoid you overheating.

Getting Prepared

As much as I can be in denial about, it is time to start thinking about winter. Now is the ideal time to start thinking central heating systems. In lots of cases your heating won't have been on for a good few months, so you really want to test it before the really cold weather comes and it's too late! In fact, when it comes to central heating boilers, you should probably get yours serviced every few years. This can seem like an expense you can do without, but you need to think of it as an insurance - because a broken boiler could be much more costly!

Make Life Easy For Yourself

Thanks to the internet, we have loads of ways to make life nice and easy for ourselves. If the weather is icy don't risk it with heavy bags in from the shops, instead, get your groceries home delivered. I mean, I would use the same advice for dinner/takeaways but I might be pushing it a bit! Make sure you invest in good footwear and give yourself plenty of time to travel if you do need to go out and the weather isn't the greatest!

What tips would you share?

Debz x

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Three Tips For Moving House

If you have ever moved house you'll know that it can be one of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime. Whether you're buying a new property or moving into somewhere that you're renting, a lot of preparation takes place in order to make the whole process work. In fact, the more preparation you can do beforehand, the better.

Get Organised

If there is one piece of information I can give you when it comes to moving house, it is to ensure that you are as organised as possible. I am a massive fan of writing lists, and a list of tasks can be a really good place to start. Even a basic list of what needs to be done when moving house is a good place to start. That way, you get a sense of achievement when you're able to tick these off too - great for motivation!

Preparation is Key

It is all well and good being organised, but it is also a good idea to make sure you know what you are dealing with. Get things like removal quotes, broadband prices and your utilities sorted out well in advance. This will mean that you have less to worry about when things get hectic as moving day approaches.

Embrace It

Just remember, that whatever you do - things are likely to get hectic. You can be really organised and get everything prepped in advance, but you can almost guarantee that something will come along and put a spanner in the works. Just remind yourself that in the end it'll all be worth it and you'll soon be in your brand new house, enjoying a cup of tea on your sofa - heaven!

What tips would you share with someone who wants to move house?


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The Best e-Cigarette Brands as a quick solution to quit smoking

If it has been more than a year since you first learned about the existence of the electronic cigarette and you have not yet tried this option for smoking cessation, it means that the information you have had was not enough or, maybe you have got an electronic cigarette and supplies with at least a poor quality.

Typically, each of us seeks to use the best quality products for short or long term benefits to justify the acquisition. Moreover, for an electronic cigarette, this is true because the difference between a qualitative product and a product of uncertain origin can quickly generate the decision that the product is or not fit for the purpose for which it was purchased.

Buying electronic cigarettes, liquid supplies and concentrated flavors, as well as accessories for them, is now easy to do as long as you coordinate your searches for a store specializing in selling this product category.

Under no circumstances will you look for these electronic smoking cessation devices in a universal store because the chances of receiving a product of uncertain quality are very high.
Your goal is to benefit from the first use of all the intake of an electronic cigarette in your fight to stop nicotine addiction, so look for the best information and authentic products to a professional partner like

Stores can easily be found online. One such store is ECASSOC, which is constantly supplied with the most current products, directly from world-renowned manufacturers.

Most of those who decided to quit smoking on the use of this excellent substitute said they would not have had too much chance of succeeding if they had not received the right advice from those who had the primary object of cigarette marketing e.

This is because the product itself needs to be personalized in many ways because reality shows that traditional smoking is a matter of personal concern and its replacement, until complete renunciation, must be extremely faithful.

In other conditions, the result of attempting to use an electronic cigarette can lead almost to the point of refusal of the device, as there are many nuances regarding the setting of electronic MODs and atomizers and the more the choice of liquids, flavors in the right amount.
If the power supply part and the configuration of operating parameters using this electronic MOD will provide a real pleasure in use, the electronic cigarette supply part that is currently represented by the most advanced atomizers should not be forgotten.

Different capacities of the liquid reservoir, often over 5ml for extended range, variants with a design that can be perfectly matched to most of the MODs available in the electronic cigarette store shelves but also very many facilities in terms of the settings they allow, so it is defined as a 100% customizable experience of vaping with new atomizers and MODs.

Failure to make this change is likely to lead to renunciation because it can be used in the absence of this information that the electronic cigarette is not good, or more, the liquids are not good.

Probably no traditional cigarette smoker would ever recognize that he is captive, prisoner of his own, of this vice. They would all say he likes them, feels good when they smoke and does not feel any discomfort all the time. The question is, by when?

They too, smokers, have perfect adherence when there may be tobacco smoke allergens and suggest that the electronic cigarette is even worse than the analog cigarette. What none of them does, we are talking about the most addicted to this vice, is to test.

How can a simple electronic cigarette test do you more harm than smoking a packet, or more, a day of tobacco cigarettes? Not at all! As the first argument is that the principle of using the two cigarettes, in fact, the way the smoke and the steam, respectively, the two nicotine carriers are produced, are entirely different.

Classic tobacco cigarettes produce smoke by burning tobacco. Electronic cigarettes produce steam by vaporizing a liquid that is heated to a controlled temperature. Indeed the difference between smoke and steam is major. Click here.

Any smoke is inherently toxic because it is born by burning a solid mass. Steam carries in its vapor the ingredients underlying the preparation of the liquid which has been vaporized by heating. The famous adage "There is no smoke without fire" can not be applied to an electronic cigarette because it does not work on fire and does not produce smoke.

Debz x

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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Making Life Easier For Yourself

Let's face it, life is tough. Yes there are loads of good parts and these often outweigh the tough parts, but life can be hard  - so I am a massive fan of helping to make life easier for yourself.

Hired Help

When I moved house earlier this year, I got all the help I could to make life easier. Many people might see this as lazy, but I had so much going on and only a few days to move house so I wanted to ensure that everything went as smoothly as possible. The flat I moved into had been empty for a few months so one of the first things I did was look up a garden service. Yes, truth be told I could have got out the lawnmower and done it all myself but I opted to hire a gardener and I don't regret it for a second.

It's Okay To Say No

Many of us are guilty of taking on too much and this can lead to feelings of stress and often makes life much harder than it needs to be. It's essential that you consider saying no to things that you feel are just going to be too much. It really is okay to say no to stuff that is just not possible. It's easy to fall into the trap of wanting to please everyone, but in reality, this is just not possible, so keep this in mind!

Take Advantage

We're lucky to live in an age where things can be made much easier for us if we want. For example, I don't drive so I tend to get food shopping delivered as this just makes life easier for when it comes to taking the shopping home - now if only they'd put it away for me too!

What do you do to make your life easier?

Debz x

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Friday, 2 November 2018

How To Maintain a Good House

When it comes to looking after our homes, most of us tend to stop at general cleanliness and housework. Although a tidy house is great, this isn't always enough to ensure that our homes are well enough looked after.


It is a really good idea to ensure that your boiler and heating system is serviced at least every couple of years. A broken boiler is not a fun experience and can be costly, simple maintenance before this can help to avoid this problem. Look up a local plumber or heating expert as they'll likely offer affordable heating servicing packages.


We don't tend to give much thought to our windows, but they're really important! For example, if they haven't been checked in a few years they could be letting in cold air - which will cost you big on your heating bill! Give them a check over before winter approached and ensure they seem secure and draught free! Don't forget to check glass in doors and your conservatory if you have one too. 


There's no harm in checking over appliances every now and then too! For example, give your washing machine a clean with one of those sachets that are designed to clean the drum of the machine. You'll find it runs much more efficiently once you have. It's also a good idea to give your freezer a defrost every now and then too - you'll be surprised and how icy these can get!

In general, we all think to service things such as a car on a regular basis, so why not our house too?

Debz x

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Thursday, 1 November 2018

3 Easy Ways To Save Money

Now that I have my own flat (did I mention that already? haha) my living costs have gone up. Most this means less takeaways and Ubers, but I do also need to look at ways to save money and spend less. This is mostly because I want to be able to buy pretty things for the house without having to worry too much - Yes, I have turned into one of those people!

Using Online Vouchers

If you are shopping online, make sure you always look for a voucher code before you do. These codes can sometimes only be very small savings (free postage for example) but sometimes you're able to use more than one at a time, which can really help when it comes to saving some cash. I often find codes just by giving it a quick Google before I go through checkout online, however Hot Deals UK is a really good site for looking at what is available and how you can make sure you save as much money on your online shop as possible. Websites such as DealsPlanet are great for this too!

Get Cashback

This is a habit that I really need to get better at! You can get cashback on so many websites online, and it really is so simple that I kick myself every time I forget. Although, when I signed up to my new broadband, I did get £70 cash back, so I don't forget all the time. Usually it is just a couple of percent that you get back, however if it is something you were going to buy anyway, why wouldn't you? Then when you have built up a larger amount you can have the money put in your account. Sounds great doesn't it?

Use A Savings App

I actually use Plum, but I know there are a few out there. Basically, I give the app access to my bank account and every few days it takes money out of my bank into their savings account. I can set how much of an aggressive saver I want it to be, and it looks at my balance before deciding how much to take out. You can withdraw back to your bank at anytime, and it usually goes back in the same day. I try to save up £100 at a time and then withdraw that in bulk to put in my actual savings account. I have been using it for around a year and have to say, I find it really useful!

Bonus Tip - Be Sensible

Although this isn't a savings tip, it is important to look into any times that you want to borrow money. I am sure at one point or another, we have all borrowed money for something. There are different ways to borrow money and it's important to look into the route you choose and make sure it's the best one for you. I have recently been introduced to Cash Lady which looks like a fab option for those needing money fast. I like that they have everything easy to read and find, so it doesn't feel like they're tricking you into anything!

What money saving tips would you share if you could?

Debz x

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