Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Stuck For What To Buy? Here's Some Fail-Safe Ideas!

It's probably about time I start my Christmas shopping isn't it? Blimey, that has come round fast! I tell myself the same thing every year, but I swear the festive season seems to sneak up on my every single time. Thanks to the big bad world of blogging I am actually well up to date on what I want to buy, because so many bloggers share their favourite ideas so it makes shopping nice and easy. I just have to get out there and get something!

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I actually find shopping for women in my life much easier than men. Most of the ladies I know love all sorts of self care goodies, pieces of fashion jewellery etc. so find something is easy, even if it just for secret Santa presents or stocking fillers. One thing I think is always nice is to buy clothing for someone else. You do have to make sure you know the person well, so that you can choose something like a Rixo dress that you know they will like, and will fit! However, what is also nice is to choose something slightly out of their comfort zone, because they will try it because you bought it and hopefully love it!


That being said, nothing for men is nice and easy too! I always think that buying a mens shirt is a good idea, because who couldn't benefit from a brand new shirt? You know the mea in your life so you can easily choose something that they like. Luckily, there are loads of choices and websites like C TShirts have lots of options so there really is something for everyone

Something A Little Different

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If you're looking for something a little different then a personalised selfie frame makes a really unique and fun gift. I love these because you can literally add on anything you want. I wondered about getting one with my family's surname on and Christmas 2018 for some reason fun festive snaps. How cool would that be?

The good thing about shopping online is that there really is something for everyone, and inspiration at every corner so even if, like me, you still have some presents to buy - don't panic.
What about some vegan chocolate? Some handmade bath-bombs? A trip to a spa! There's an abundance of ideas out there, so happy shopping!. 

Debz x

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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Money Saving Tips for Mobile Phone Contracts

Mobile phone contracts may seem convenient when you first subscribe to them but chances are you end up spending more than you really need to. I’ve seen headlines recently that revealed millions of customers in the UK continue paying the same monthly bill long after their contract has ended even though the amount factored in repayments for the handset. By doing that you are effectively paying for your smartphone many times over!

Here are the top money saving tips for mobile phone contracts that you should put to use.

Only Pay for what you need

Lots of retailers run clever upsell deals that come more internet data for just £X more per month. But why pay for something you don’t need? At the end of the month, you often discover that you still have unused data that doesn’t roll over. You can save those expenses by paying only for what you require. Use a service like BillMonitor or just make a note of our usage from your previous bills.

Then when it comes to taking out a new deal you know exactly what your monthly usage is.

Bargain for a Better Deal with Your Current Provider

The best time to haggle for a better deal is when the current one is about to expire. Your provider wants to keep you with them so they will offer you something to stop you cutting ties with them.

If you have an opportunity to bargain for a better deal, then try it. Research other suppliers who have better deals at better rates and use this information as leverage to get a better offer from your current one.

If they can’t offer you something good enough, then vote with your feet. Moving provider and taking your number has never been easier.

Buy a new phone outright or keep your existing one for a bit longer

Rather than going for a traditional contract that comes with a free phone, save up and buy the phone outright. In a lot of cases you’ll be paying more for the device over 24 months.
And think long and hard if you really need a shiny new gadget. If your phone is only 1 or 2 years old, then it’s more than fit for purpose.

Switch to a Pay as You Go Plan or a SIM Only Deal
What makes this option a savvy one is the fact that it allows you to dictate exactly the amount of cash you spend on texts, calls, and data.

The PAYG plan allows you to top up whenever your current bundle is up so you are paying for everything in advance. They’re also ultra-flexible so you can opt for less or more data on a monthly basis to avoid running out if you know you will be using more or wastage.

Most networks now offer pre-paid bundle SIM deals with giffgaff one of the most popular. You can see a full breakdown of the market on Tiger Mobiles and they claim to have every pre-paid deal that’s available in the UK right now. I haven’t checked but it’s certainly very comprehensive.

Change Your Provider to an MVNO

There are 4 main network providers in the UK; EE, Vodafone, O2 and Three. But there are lots more choices thanks to MVNO’s who piggyback off their infrastructure, often with lower prices due to lower overheads thanks to less customer service.

You’ll usually find the deals on these smaller companies far cheaper than the main brands. Some of the most popular ones are below:

·         GiffGaff and Tesco Mobile use O2
·         Asda Mobile, Virgin, BT use EE
·         Voxi use Vodafone
·         ID Mobile and Smarty uses Three

Whatever you do, don’t let your existing contract run over at the current monthly prices!

Debz x

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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Buying For That One Awkward Person at Christmas

Christmas is less than two months away, I repeat, Christmas is less than three weeks away…AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Okay, breathe. Take it easy, have a cup of tea and sit down because, yes, Christmas really is just around the corner. It doesn’t seem five minutes since the last one, but would you believe it – just as soon as we have gotten to know 2018, he will soon be on his merry way and we’ll soon be going through the awkward getting to know you stage with 2019.

Gasp. That’s exciting/scary, but before we can get too drawn into talk of yet another year, we have to buy presents for loved ones. Everyone has that one person who is awkward to buy for, whether it is your partner, mother, father, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew or someone else.

So, What Are You To Do?

Whoever that awkward person is, consider what their top three interests are. If you aren’t sure of that, then do a little bit of investigating by asking subtle questions to them or asking someone else who will know. You may just realise that they are a lot easier to buy for than you think.
Take your mother, for example. She should be one of the easiest people in the world to buy for, shouldn’t she? But you want to make sure that your gift is something that she is absolutely going to love because, after all, she spent years meticulously perusing through gift ideas to see a look of amazement on your face.

Obviously, you look for something loving for Mother’s Day – in Muslim culture, what is called sadaqah jaariyah is a popular gift of choice – whereas at Christmas you look for a present with a little more ‘wow’ factor. Take her top three interests and consider what she doesn’t already 
have – remember, the best gift is something the never realised they wanted or needed.

Cost Element

It may not even be the case that you don’t know what that awkward person wants; it could just be that they have a really expensive taste. So expensive, in fact, that, when you factor in the costs of everyone else’s gift, you are left with little to actually live on afterwards.

In this situation, it is good to remember that it is the thought that counts and not the price tag and, if the person you are buying for is worth the thought, they will not care one bit about the price. They shouldn’t, because Christmas is the time for giving.
Most retailers will offer gift suggestions where you can filter by cost, so if you wanted to keep to a £40 per head budget, you can easily do so without much effort at all. Price-match these items, though, because you will kick yourself if you spend £40 on something, only to then find it £10 cheaper somewhere else.


If all else fails, a personalised gift is a way to go. This way, you can almost guarantee that whatever you buy will be unique, and it demonstrates how much thought you put into buying their gift.

T shirts are a great option when it comes to presents, and Golf Crowd have some great choices, which means there is something for everyone - even those that aren't the biggest of golf fans. That said, mens golf gifts are popular this year, so chances are that this website has exactly what you need!


I love these pun filled golfing t-shirts and I bet there's someone in your family or friend circle that would too!

What gifts are you buying this year?

Monday, 3 December 2018

6 Christmas gift ideas that aren’t toys

When it comes to buying gifts for all the adults in our families, we often lean towards things like bottles of wine, experience days and food and drink which arguably makes gift shopping a little easier for those we love; Vogue lists the top UK weekend breaks and you can find plenty of other ideas and places to experience by simply searching online.

But what about the younger people you have to buy for? Kids get so much over the festive period, especially if they have a large extended family – you run the risk of buying a similar or duplicating a gift. So, instead of buying something that’ll get lost in the tidal wave of Christmas toys why not get something that’ll last and really stand apart?

Try these 6 Christmas gift ideas.

Something to grow and nurture

A little pot of cress might spring to mind when we think of kids growing things. But how about taking it up a gear? A small fruit tree or plant is a beautiful gift that you can treat all the children in one family to – which means you won’t have to think of several other, individual ideas – it also teaches the kids about patience, how to care and nurture things and how all their hard work can be rewarded.

Something for their taste buds

Treating little ones to some super cute baking essentials means that you’re showing how much you value their creativity and their ability to make something scrummy. A little whisk, bowl, measuring cups, apron and rolling pin, even their very own cookery book are great starting points. They can start their baking adventures as early as Boxing Day!

Something for their curiosity

Never underestimate the power of a magnifying glass! There’s so much your little one can do with it. Whether it’s searching for a clue during their imaginative play, or hunting insects in the garden during the spring. Add a book about native insects and you’ll have a jungle explorer on your hands before you know it. Or how about a pair of binoculars and a bird book? Little ones will love being able to spot things that are oh so far away!

Something for their creativity

A sewing machine. It might sound a little complicated but being able to sew and craft is an important life skill to have. So, if you’re creative yourself, why not introduce them to the world of sewing and stitching. Or even just a hand sewing kit with thread, fabric and needles is a great starting point.

Something to burn some energy

Do the little ones you’re buying for have a favourite theme park, animal park, zoo or day out that they love visiting again and again? If so, why not treat them to a years pass?
Something for someone really small!

It can be difficult to buy for a baby. So how about making something? A tightly sealed jar filled with shells or dried pasta. Or even a box of tissues that they can enjoy pulling out again and again!

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

The Proposal: The Ring And The Setting

There is no moment filled with more excitement yet nervousness than when you ask the love of your life to marry you. There is so much riding on that one little question, a lifetime of love and happiness. Therefore, you need to make sure you plan the perfect proposal – a proposal your partner simply cannot refuse.

In this post, we have it all covered, from finding a flawless ring to deciding upon a romantic way to propose. You will not be left wanting. So, keep on reading for your ultimate guide on proposal planning…
What do you need to consider when buying an engagement ring?
Let’s begin with the ring. Your partner is going to be wearing this piece of jewellery for the rest of her life. This is why it is so important to choose an engagement ring with extreme care. Don’t rush into the decision. Assess all of your options carefully and take the opinion of your girlfriend’s friends and family (if you trust them to keep the proposal quiet of course).
Before you can even begin to look at all of the engagement rings that are available you need to discover your girlfriend’s ring size. You should take a ring that you have seen her wear from her jewellery box. Make sure she doesn’t notice though!
Once you have determined what size ring you will require, you can then begin assessing the various styles and designs available. You can take a look at 77 Diamonds celebrity proposals for some inspiration on ring trends. You need to pick a type of metal and a diamond shape. Your decision should be made based on what your partner typically wears. For example, if she is someone who loves yellow gold, don’t opt for platinum.
There is a fantastic selection of diamond shapes for you to pick from. Ask yourself whether your girlfriend likes subtle or bold jewellery? This is a good place to start. Delicate shapes, such as pear, are ideal for those who fit into the former category, whilst large emeralds can be perfect for those who like loud styles.
What are some romantic proposal ideas?
Once you have found the perfect engagement ring, the next thing you need to do is decide how you are going to present it to your girlfriend. This all depends on your partner. Is she the type of person who likes all eyes on her? Or would she prefer a more intimate proposal? It’s important to do what she likes, not what you want. Keeping that in mind, let’s take a look at some great suggestions…

Newspaper advertisement – Is there a newspaper your girlfriend reads daily? If so, pay for a full-page advertisement asking her to marry you.

Simple surprise – If your girlfriend wouldn’t like an elaborate proposal, this is an excellent option to go for. Once she is asleep take all of the jewellery out of her box and replace it with the engagement ring you have bought.

Glow in the dark proposal – Buy glow in the dark letters and stick the words ‘will you marry me?’ on the ceiling. When you turn the lights off to go to bed she will see them. This works well for those who are planning to take their partner away for a romantic trip as part of the proposal.

iPod message – Record a podcast asking your girlfriend to marry you. Sync it onto her iPod so that she stumbles across it when next listening to her favourite tunes.

Thursday, 15 November 2018

Shopping with Chicwe

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by US clothing brand Chicwe and asked if I wanted to try some of their items. A quick glance at their website told me to answer YES straight away, they really do have some lovely stuff!

Their website stocks up to a size US 28, which is a UK 32. They don't have everything in this size range, but I think most of us have come to expect that already. That said, they have some lovely bits and this top and dress fit me perfectly. 


The top is made from a nice stretchy material. This means it has a nice fitted feel to it but it is soft enough not to dig in and feel uncomfortable. The skirt has an elasticated waist and is a generous size to start with, so would probably fit a bit bigger also!


The photos were taken at the most recent Club Indulge Weekender which was amazing! If you haven't been, you should check it out! You'll have to excuse the slight blur of the photos, the whole weekend went by so quickly and we were in a rush to get these taken.


That said, the outfit was really comfortable to wear and I would definitley wear it again - and shop at Chicwe

Have you checked out their website? What were your favourite pieces?

Debz x

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Ever Considered Laser Tattoo Removal?

I can still remember vividly getting my first tattoo. I lived in Morecambe and decided to get a tattoo without telling anyone. It's a tiny one on my right foot that reads "Be-You-Tiful". I had thought about getting a tattoo for ages and ages, but I could never ever decide what to get. I saw this saying online one day and it was like a lightbulb moment  - I knew I had to get it!. So, I simply went and got it one day without telling anyone my plans.

The man in the shop told me that ink on your foot is one of the most painful, so I was dreading it but actually, it wasn't too bad at all. I've had 12 tattoos since, so I guess it couldn't have been that bad.

Deciding on a Tattoo

Everyone has different reasons for getting tattooed and different ways of deciding what they want. With the exception of a cupcake tattoo and a giant lollipop mine all mean something to me and that was something that I was really passionate about. Although I know that something like city tattoo removal at Pulse Light Clinic is an option but it wasn't something that I wanted to keep in mind when choosing a tattoo, I wanted it to be something I would love forever.  

When Things Go Wrong

That said, I have given consideration to what would happen if I changed my mind about any of the pieces I have had. I recently came across Pulse Light Clinic in London who offer laser tattoo removal for those that need it. They have a couple of clinics in Central London and the examples of their work I have seen it really looks like an amazing procedure! It fades the tattoos enough to be able to have any sort of cover-up you want; which is great news!

Have you ever had a tattoo you regret? Would you consider getting it removed?

Debz x

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