Monday, 16 December 2019

Debunking Reverse Mortgage Rumours

There is a myth that retirement is always relaxing. The truth is it can be anything but, especially when money is a major source of concern. A reverse mortgage can potentially help. You have probably heard rumours about how can be the best retirement home mortgage. But which rumours are actually true? Let's debunk reverse mortgage rumours to find out.

Rumour: A Reverse Mortgage Pays You

You have to make payments to reduce the amount you owe on a traditional mortgage, but the rumour says a reverse mortgage pays you. Well, that is absolutely true. A reverse mortgage is designed to provide you with money to use throughout your retirement. It does not require restitution from you at regular intervals.

Rumour: A Reverse Mortgage Has No Loan Period

The loan period of a regular home mortgage loan agreement is often five years. Although, it can be longer or shorter. That is the time you have in which to fully return the money with interest to the lender. Rumour has it that a reverse mortgage has no loan period. That is sort of half true.

The loan period of a reverse mortgage is not set at the time the loan agreement is finalised, but it does exist because the loan eventually is due to be repaid. The difference is you somewhat control the loan period length when you apply for a refinance reverse mortgage. That is because the agreement stays active until you either leave the home, repay the balance or violate the loan terms. For example, not paying your property taxes is a violation.

Rumour: You Can Spend Reverse Mortgage Funds on anything.

Another rumour is you can spend reverse mortgage funds on anything. That rumour is more or less true. There are no restrictions regarding how you can spend money that is issued to you. However, some of the mortgage funds may never be issued to you. That is because they may be deducted in the beginning to cover mortgage-related fees. Some may also be used to immediately pay off a standard mortgage, if you had one initially.

Rumour: A Reverse Mortgage is “Free and Clear”

A reverse mortgage is free and clear in a certain sense. That is you can be at ease about how you spend the funds because there are no immediate repercussions. However, there are long-term consequences of applying for a reverse loan. One such consequence is being somewhat tied to your home. You cannot move and keep the agreement active.

A reverse mortgage is also not totally free and clear in the sense that it does accumulate interest like any other mortgage. That means, when you eventually pay it back, you pay more than you borrow. Additionally, if you stop living in the home and do not pay the balance, the home is sold off. Family members who do not sign the initial agreement are not allowed to continue living there.

Rumour: Reverse Mortgage Payments to You Like Working Income

The funds you receive through a reverse mortgage are somewhat like working income, at least if you request monthly instalment payments from the account. However, the amount you receive will not be the same as you received while working. Also, the checks will only come until funds are exhausted. Therefore, you cannot rely on them forever.

Rumour: Applying for a Reverse Mortgage is an Easy Decision

Applying for a reverse mortgage is far from an easy decision. There are many factors to consider. However, the debunked rumours above should make the decision easier. It may also help to speak to a specialist in reverse mortgages to get additional questions answered. No matter what, make sure you are fully comfortable with the reverse mortgage before signing a loan contract.

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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Christmas 2019: Affordable Gifts

We're on the final stretch towards Christmas 2019 and hopefully most of you are sorted with everything you need to have a fun festive season. However, what I will say is that it is meant to be a time to be enjoyed, so don't spend it stressing and worrying. You can only do exactly what you can do and nothing more, and that is okay.

The internet is full of Christmas gift guides and ideas on what to buy your loved ones. I wanted to put together some affordable and unusual gifts in-case you're looking for inspiration on what to buy this Christmas!

Board Games

I love a get together at Christmas and new board games are ideal for this. The good thing about board games is that they come suitable for all ages and abilities, which is great because it means you can buy them for anyone. Some of the really great ones we have new for December and all cost less than £15 are:

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets are a strange one because some people might not appreciate them, but if you shop clever you can get them something usual, practical and that they love. We've had great use out of this knife sharpener, it's a really handy little gadget to keep in the kitchen drawer!

Calendars & Diaries

As we're approaching New Year, a present that helps someone throughout the whole of 2020 is always a good idea! I love getting people a calendar because there are so many different ones available - so whether someone is into train spotting, Harry Potter or puppies you'll be able to find a calendar that matches what they'll love! Team this up with a matching diary or notepad and you're onto a winner in my eyes. 

Something they can enjoy

This time of year brings about a whole range of new food items that you can try. Why not head over to somewhere like The Chocolate Smiths and buy them an usual flavoured bar of chocolate? They even have vegan versions! 

The Gift of Time

If budget is an issue, or you're just not sure what to get someone then I always think giving them some of your time is a great gesture. Could you make some vouchers to offer them free babysitting, or a lift somewhere when they need it if it is someone that doesn't drive? There are 101 different things you can do to help someone out, we all live such busy lives so you can be sure that these are appreciated

What are you getting loved ones this Christmas?

Debz x

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Monday, 2 December 2019

Ways To Build Confidence

When it comes to being confident, there isn't really a right or wrong way to get there. For most people it is a long journey, where things become easier and harder as they go along. Sometimes it can be a case of faking it until you make it, it all depends on you.

One of the things to remember is that it is an individual journey. What someone else tells you has worked for them may not work for you. So take things slow, work out what feels good for you and then go from there.

Seeking Inspiration

Social media is a great way of seeking out new inspiration. Mainstream media tends to bombard us with lots of people who look really similar, which can be disheartening when it comes to yourself. I made a conscious decision a few years ago to follow lots of different bodies. This gives me a constant reminder that all types of people exist and that just because I don't look like people on TV or in magazines, doesn't mean that my body is wrong.

Get Educated

There are different ways to get educated. I chose to look up lots about body positivity, fat politics etc. when I wanted to learn more. This has given me strength to stand up to people who may not have the same opinions as me. You might choose to sign up to somewhere like Tavistock Tutors to learn a new skill or refresh your memory in a qualification, Whatever you choose, learning more about a subject can be a great way to build your mental strength and confidence.

Getting Through Each Day

There are lots of little ways that you can help yourself feel more confident throughout the day. I find that being organised and knowing what I am up to during the day helps as it means that I feel less frazzled and anxious. If I am going anywhere on my own I always wear headphones and blast out some of my favourite tunes and I always make sure I wear comfortable shoes.

To be honest there is no ABC guide that I can write to help you become more confident. Just remind yourself that you are worthy and that your worth is not based on how you look. Wear clothes that you like and are comfortable, not what you feel other people should see you in. Follow a range of social media accounts and read lots about subjects that interest you. It can be a hard journey but it’s definitely worth it!

What confidence building tips would you like to share?


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Thursday, 28 November 2019

A Rainy Saturday in London

Despite loving London and even living there for 2 years, I don't go there nearly often enough! There is something magical about arriving into London, I've always loved it! When I lived up North I would arrive into the city via Euston and last weekend I got there via Waterloo and both were just as exciting!

This time, I went around London Bridge and there local area there. It's an area I haven't seen much of, but I am glad I took the plunge and visited. I took my partners daughter and we explored so much of the city in one day, it really was action packed! Next time I might splash out on a London Bridge Hotel and make a weekend of it!

We started the day at the British Museum before a trip to Harrods (just for a window-shop!). We then went from there to London Bridge to meet some friends for a long, leisurely lunch. We browsed a little bit of Borough Market, had a walk around the local area and accidentally stumbled across Doughnut Time - which was a very, very happy accident.

During the evening we met up with some family friends who invited us along to The Sky Gardens. WOW! This place is phenomenal and I am so glad we go to guy. The inside is brilliant and the views across London from 35 storeys up were fantastic. 

I really loved the fact that they had the windows engraved with what you could see from that particular frame, it was a really nice touch for someone like me who is geographically challenged!

If you're due to visit London I can't recommend enough.

We ended our day with a browse around the South Bank Christmas Markets before we walked to Waterloo to catch our train home. 

I am so glad I got to visit the capital again and it's definitely reminded me that I would like visit again!

Have you been? What are your favourite bits?

Debz x

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Wednesday, 23 October 2019

How to Fund a House Move

You've bought your very first house, laid down a sizeable deposit, paid stamp duty, the surveyor’s cost and conveyancers fees. It has been a costly process, but you’re certain that it will have been so worthwhile once you are able to settle down in your brand-new home. But wait. There's one more aspect of the process that you’ve forgotten about: the big move itself! So, what is moving house going to cost you? How can you finance it, and what exactly do you need to know? Find out below.

How much is a move likely to cost?

Many Britons are shocked to discover that the total cost of moving house can set them back £1,192.67, on 
average. In other words, it is safe to say that the entire process definitely isn’t cheap.

How to finance your move

Obviously, the best possible way to finance your move is to save up for it well in advance of looking for the perfect house to buy. Unfortunately, when you factor in having to save up for a 10% deposit as well, you may only be financially ‘ready’ to buy a property by the time you're 50! As a result, many people rely on the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ for help. Your parents may be willing to lend you a certain amount of money at little to no interest, which is much more viable and affordable than having to apply for an additional loan from the bank to settle your moving costs.

One of the best ways to finance your move, or at least keep the associated costs to a minimum is to make use of an online moving costs calculator. This will give you a good general idea of what you can expect to pay and will help you to evaluate any quotes that you receive from moving companies properly. Much like you can use websites like The Money Hub to compare different mortgage deals in an effort to find the best one, it is essential that you compare moving company quotes before accepting the right one. Just remember that when it comes to moving companies, the cheapest isn’t always the best. Look closely at the details of what the company is offering (do they offer to pack for you? Do they specialise in transporting fragile or sentimental items?) and speak to friends and family members for advice in terms of which companies they recommend before making a final choice.

If you find yourself strapped for cash after paying all the other fees associated with investing in a property, remember that it is indeed possible to rent a van and tackle the move yourself (hopefully with a bit of help from your loved ones!). It will take a lot of work, time and planning, but it will undoubtedly save you hundreds of pounds in the long run.

However you choose to finance your move, keep your eye on the prize. You will soon be all moved into the brand-new place that you will call ‘home' for many years to come.

Thursday, 3 October 2019

The True Icons - How Simply Be's Latest The New Icons Misses The Mark

If you follow any plus size influencers online then the chances are you've read about #TheNewIcons over the last couple of days. The prominent Simply Be campaign boasts that t is time to let plus size people to the front of campaigns, movies, adverts etc. and then (in my opinion) fails to do what they promised. The project launched yesterday with a big event in London and the models featured looked amazing (no negative thoughts towards them for this campaign at all) but even the black and gold dresses they wore are only available up to a size 26 - Not really iconic if you ask me!

You have probably seen on social media that I am far from alone in feeling like this and lots of people feel excluded and are fed-up of being excluded consistently in campaigns like this...So, Simply Be... Here are just a few of #TheTrueIcons you're missing out on by continuing to ignore a majority of body types!

L-R The Tall Plus Size - RaRa Poole  - What Gem Curve - Kirsty Louise

L - R - Rebs, Daisy, Lucy, Me!

L - R - Annie, Curvy Girl Thin, Odds and Trends, The Thirty Something Mum 

Want to join in? Tweet or Instagram your pics using #TheTrueIcons - Why not head over to see what is being shared!

Debz x

Saturday, 28 September 2019

Creating A Wedding Day That Every Guest Will Remember

A wedding day is a special event. Obviously, if you’re getting married, then you know that your wedding is going to be the best day of your life. But what about your guests? Your friends and family are the most important people in your life, but they’ve probably been to weddings before. They’ll probably go to weddings in the future, too. What’s going to make your special day stick out in their heads? Let’s try to answer that question. Here’s how to create a wedding day that every guest will remember.

Hire a wedding planner

You probably have amazing ideas for your wedding, but you might not know how to make those amazing ideas happen. That’s why you should hire a wedding planner. You can create a book of ideas to help your planner. That way, they’ll know what you expect of your big day. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should leave the planning entirely up to them; your input will be important. The planner will want to know that they’re doing everything in the way you imagined. The purpose of hiring a professional is to impress every single guest with your expertly-crafted wedding. Of course, you might want some inspiration so you have a good book full of ideas to give to your planner. The following suggestions might help.

Provide memorable entertainment

Your ceremony might be very traditional and relatively similar to every other wedding your guests have attended, but the reception is your opportunity to truly surprise people. You need to provide memorable entertainment for them. A wedding band will provide a nice ambience, and the best man’s speech will probably receive a few laughs, but you can go further than that. Perhaps you could hire some retro cars to transport your guests from the main wedding venue to the reception venue. You might even want to hire a bouncy castle for the kids.

Perhaps you could hire a famous artist to play at your wedding reception. You don’t always need a lot of money to do this; many big artists will play for a reasonable price if they know that one or both of the people getting married is a fan of them. After all, it’s good publicity. You might want to consider photo booth hire, too. That could make your special day more memorable for guests. They’ll be able to entertain themselves by taking silly pictures together in a booth. You could even provide funny props and costumes for people to wear in their photos. This will give them something tangible to take home from your wedding, and that’ll help them to remember it for years to come.

Serve delicious food.

If you want to keep your guests happy, you just need to serve delicious food. Obviously, the rest of the advice in this article will help to make your wedding memorable, but people will definitely remember what they ate. Even if you manage to put together a beautiful wedding with amazing entertainment options, people will struggle to enjoy themselves if they’re hungry or simply unsatisfied with the dining options. You need to ask guests about dietary requirements before your wedding. You also need to put out a varied spread of food so that people stay well-fed throughout the day. You could even hire cocktail servers to carry around plates of sandwiches and other snacks for people. Maybe you could even give guests welcome baskets full of locally-sourced food and drinks. That would be a nice touch.

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