Thursday, 13 February 2020

Say Hello To Get Virtual Assistance!

If you follow me on social media then you might well remember that in the summer I was made redundant. It was a job I loved so it is something I took quite badly. I've taken some time to think about what I want to do next and I'm proud to announce - Get Virtual Assistance.

I have always loved content writing & customer service so I thought this would be the perfect way to combine the two! As a Hampshire based Virtual Assistant, I'll be offering remote admin assistance to busy business owners who don't have enough time on their hands.

What Services Will I Be Offering?

I've done some research over recent weeks and discovered that as a virtual assistant there is so much I can offer! I like to think of myself as a remote working secretary who can throw in a splash of SEO content marketing, social media help and speaking to businesses customers if they'd like me to!

I'll still be blogging on the side, although keep your eye out for something new and exciting on that front shortly, for now I am really excited to get my teeth stuck into a brand new project. I know that it will take some hard work and a little luck to get it off the ground properly so please keep your fingers crossed for me and if you fancy following me on social media I can be found on Facebook and Twitter!


Debz xx

*Not a paid ad but I am promoting my own services.

Monday, 27 January 2020

The Importance of Ear Health

When it comes to taking steps to ensure we feel our best, many of us already know what this is for us and our personal health journey. It might be a luxury bubble-bath or it might be a walk around a muddy field, you have to work with what works for you. One thing that many of us over-look as super important is looking after our ears, which Auris Ear Care can certainly help with!

Looking After Your Ears

Hearing is something many of us take for granted, but it is really essential that we do what we can to look after our ears. I know mine took a bashing from far-too-loud 90's boybands hits blasting out from my CD walk-man, but I am not sure many people would admit to that!

Looking After Yourself

I bet most of us don't even consider our ears when it comes to health care. We generally book dentist appointments, get regular eye-tests and take ourselves off to the doctors when we don't feel 100%. However ears are something left behind and that really should not be the case. When it comes to feeling great we should learn to take care of our ears and that includes having checkups and treatments if/when necessary.

Getting Help

One thing that I noticed Auris Ear care do is at home ear wax removal. I'm one of those guilty parties that still use cotton buds, but I know that when it comes to ear care they're really not good for you. However, Auris offer ear wax removal, which helps to clean out your ears which can improve your hearing and help if you're suffering with ear pain.

What is important to remember is that ear wax does have a job, and it protects your ears from damage and helps keep them healthy. It is only when you get a build up of too much wax that it can become a problem.

Rather than risk cotton buds which can actually make things worse, it is well worth considering a recommended ear wax removal specialist.

Debz x

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Sunday, 26 January 2020

What is Multi-Car Insurance and Who Needs It?

Many of us nowadays live in multi-car households. You might be a family where both mum and dad need a car for work. Your kids are growing up quickly and will soon learn to drive. You may share a house with a bunch other people who are not family and you all have your own cars.
Getting a good deal on motor insurance is essential. Banding together and opting for multi-car insurance could potentially save you money and be a lot more convenient.

The Benefits of Multi-Car Insurance

Instead of insuring each car separately, you have one policy that covers everyone. As long as each car is registered at the address, it doesn’t matter whether it’s for a family member or someone that you share a flat with or have bought a house with.
Many insurance companies are now offering this kind of insurance. It makes sense for them as they are able to get higher premiums and more customers onto the books. A lot of companies also offer discounts for each car that is added onto the policy. That can make the overall cost of insurance much cheaper as long as you pick the right product.
While each car is on the same insurance, they can have their own level of cover. If you want one car to be fully comprehensive and another simply third party fire and theft, you can. Options like no claims discounts are also protected. That means if someone on the policy has an accident or their car is stolen, it won’t affect your car’s no claims status.
Some insurance companies will cover as many as six cars and 12 drivers, so for large families or groups, this can be a flexible and sensible way to get the right policy at a better price.
Of course, your existing insurances may have different renewal dates. Most multi-car insurance policies work by waiting for each car to reach the end of it’s existing commitment and then transferring them, eventually achieving one renewal date for everyone.

Who Needs Multi-Car Insurance?

There are different groups of people that will benefit from this kind of insurance policy.
·         The most obvious are families that have more than one car. According to the statistics, that’s more than 1 in 3 family homes in the UK.
·         It’s also suitable for families that use each other’s cars.
·         Some policies will also cover students who are away from home at university.
·         If you are friends sharing a house, a multi-car insurance policy may also be a good idea. It’s important, however, to work out how people pay their share.
·         Of course, you might be fortunate to have more than one car yourself and a multi-car policy is a convenient and often cheaper way to put everything on one policy.

Is Multi-Car Insurance Cheaper?

While many people, especially with the discounts companies are offering, will find multi-car insurance cheaper, this does depend on a number of factors. The types of cars that you are insuring will define the premiums, with higher-end vehicles attracting higher prices. The experience of the drivers will also impact on the premium you pay.
Shopping around and finding the best deal might, for example, mean you get a better price for a new driver with one company and a healthy discount for yourself with another. Combined they may offer best value compared to a multi-car insurance deal.
As with any insurance product, it’s essential that you do your research and compare like for like. Take your time to look at the market and what’s on offer before you commit to any particular policy.

*Collaborative Post*

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Using Your National Culture As A Wedding Theme

Weddings are different all around the world. In Asia, they often wear traditional clothing such as the Japanese early modern style. For the many different nations in the world, there are even more cuisines to choose from. In the south of Italy, more classic Mediterranean cuisine is common for weddings while in the north, you have a more rustic and refined cuisine. In the Western world, a white wedding dress is the most common while in the East, red is far more frequent. With so many variations of weddings to choose from, it's little wonder that national cultures are often used as the themes for weddings. Depending on your nation, you can implement this style for your wedding. It all depends on what nation you’re from and the ways in which you will do it.

The colour scheme
The easiest way to visualise your national culture playing a part in your wedding is to imagine the colours of your flag, becoming the theme of your party. If you’re from France, white, blue, and red shall be seen all over the place. The flowers will be in these colours, the table cloth and seating covers can also be in these colours and you can even have the confetti in your nation’s colours. It's important to not become so predictable and be creative. It can seem a little lazy and unimaginative if the most obvious things are in these colours. Small details like the china pattern and colours can be utilised in the design. How about the ceiling lights, the colour of the candles or even the ribbons hung around the stairs and doors?
The dress code theme
Guests will be observing you and your groom, but your personal team as well. So pick out some classy clothes for your bridesmaids and groomsmen, but they can be in your nation’s colours. If you’re Swedish the navy blue weddings dresses on would be a treat. Check out the Alfred Sung Plus Chiffon v-neck sleeveless maxi dress for your bridesmaids. To go with it, they could wear golden earrings and headbands to symbolise the yellow in the flag. The cross back strap Dessy collection crepe dress would be sublime with some bright yellow flowers such as Begonias. For the groomsmen, their options might be limited in terms of suit colour, but they can wear cufflinks, ties, pocket squares and tie clips in your nation’s colours. There’s always plenty of options for a cultural dress code theme.

Your carriage awaits
Arriving at the church in a national icon is definitely something you will never forget. If you’re from the UK, arriving in a classic Rolls-Royce or Bentley would be a perfect way to pay homage to your nation’s culture. Think of the most classic and iconic cars from your nation and consider the top models when renting your wedding carriage.
Wanting a traditional wedding according to your nation's culture is quite a splendid choice of theme. There’s so much history you can pick from and make your wedding particularly connected to your country’s culture.

Monday, 16 December 2019

Debunking Reverse Mortgage Rumours

There is a myth that retirement is always relaxing. The truth is it can be anything but, especially when money is a major source of concern. A reverse mortgage can potentially help. You have probably heard rumours about how can be the best retirement home mortgage. But which rumours are actually true? Let's debunk reverse mortgage rumours to find out.

Rumour: A Reverse Mortgage Pays You

You have to make payments to reduce the amount you owe on a traditional mortgage, but the rumour says a reverse mortgage pays you. Well, that is absolutely true. A reverse mortgage is designed to provide you with money to use throughout your retirement. It does not require restitution from you at regular intervals.

Rumour: A Reverse Mortgage Has No Loan Period

The loan period of a regular home mortgage loan agreement is often five years. Although, it can be longer or shorter. That is the time you have in which to fully return the money with interest to the lender. Rumour has it that a reverse mortgage has no loan period. That is sort of half true.

The loan period of a reverse mortgage is not set at the time the loan agreement is finalised, but it does exist because the loan eventually is due to be repaid. The difference is you somewhat control the loan period length when you apply for a refinance reverse mortgage. That is because the agreement stays active until you either leave the home, repay the balance or violate the loan terms. For example, not paying your property taxes is a violation.

Rumour: You Can Spend Reverse Mortgage Funds on anything.

Another rumour is you can spend reverse mortgage funds on anything. That rumour is more or less true. There are no restrictions regarding how you can spend money that is issued to you. However, some of the mortgage funds may never be issued to you. That is because they may be deducted in the beginning to cover mortgage-related fees. Some may also be used to immediately pay off a standard mortgage, if you had one initially.

Rumour: A Reverse Mortgage is “Free and Clear”

A reverse mortgage is free and clear in a certain sense. That is you can be at ease about how you spend the funds because there are no immediate repercussions. However, there are long-term consequences of applying for a reverse loan. One such consequence is being somewhat tied to your home. You cannot move and keep the agreement active.

A reverse mortgage is also not totally free and clear in the sense that it does accumulate interest like any other mortgage. That means, when you eventually pay it back, you pay more than you borrow. Additionally, if you stop living in the home and do not pay the balance, the home is sold off. Family members who do not sign the initial agreement are not allowed to continue living there.

Rumour: Reverse Mortgage Payments to You Like Working Income

The funds you receive through a reverse mortgage are somewhat like working income, at least if you request monthly instalment payments from the account. However, the amount you receive will not be the same as you received while working. Also, the checks will only come until funds are exhausted. Therefore, you cannot rely on them forever.

Rumour: Applying for a Reverse Mortgage is an Easy Decision

Applying for a reverse mortgage is far from an easy decision. There are many factors to consider. However, the debunked rumours above should make the decision easier. It may also help to speak to a specialist in reverse mortgages to get additional questions answered. No matter what, make sure you are fully comfortable with the reverse mortgage before signing a loan contract.

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Saturday, 14 December 2019

Christmas 2019: Affordable Gifts

We're on the final stretch towards Christmas 2019 and hopefully most of you are sorted with everything you need to have a fun festive season. However, what I will say is that it is meant to be a time to be enjoyed, so don't spend it stressing and worrying. You can only do exactly what you can do and nothing more, and that is okay.

The internet is full of Christmas gift guides and ideas on what to buy your loved ones. I wanted to put together some affordable and unusual gifts in-case you're looking for inspiration on what to buy this Christmas!

Board Games

I love a get together at Christmas and new board games are ideal for this. The good thing about board games is that they come suitable for all ages and abilities, which is great because it means you can buy them for anyone. Some of the really great ones we have new for December and all cost less than £15 are:

Kitchen Gadgets

Kitchen Gadgets are a strange one because some people might not appreciate them, but if you shop clever you can get them something usual, practical and that they love. We've had great use out of this knife sharpener, it's a really handy little gadget to keep in the kitchen drawer!

Calendars & Diaries

As we're approaching New Year, a present that helps someone throughout the whole of 2020 is always a good idea! I love getting people a calendar because there are so many different ones available - so whether someone is into train spotting, Harry Potter or puppies you'll be able to find a calendar that matches what they'll love! Team this up with a matching diary or notepad and you're onto a winner in my eyes. 

Something they can enjoy

This time of year brings about a whole range of new food items that you can try. Why not head over to somewhere like The Chocolate Smiths and buy them an usual flavoured bar of chocolate? They even have vegan versions! 

The Gift of Time

If budget is an issue, or you're just not sure what to get someone then I always think giving them some of your time is a great gesture. Could you make some vouchers to offer them free babysitting, or a lift somewhere when they need it if it is someone that doesn't drive? There are 101 different things you can do to help someone out, we all live such busy lives so you can be sure that these are appreciated

What are you getting loved ones this Christmas?

Debz x

*Post contains gifted items