Thursday, 25 July 2013

Someone Tell OK Magazine That Body Bashing Is Not OK!

Dear OK Magazine.

As a BBW Blog I write about a lot of issues surrounding body image, positivity and generally learning to love yourself. Unfortunately in our already very judgemental society it is often a case of 1 step forward and 2 steps back because of publications such as yourself. I did not expect to be writing about the royal baby... but you have really made me feel like I have to!

I understand that our nation is image obsessed and that in order to sell copies of your magazine you want to report on what you think that people want to read. I even understand to an extent when you want to report about celebrities who have lost or gained weight, because that is after all what you think your readership want to read!

But OK Magazine, it is NOT OK to make a nation of new mothers feel like they are not good enough because they have not sprung back into shape. When I saw the front page of your Royal Baby special magazine I cringed a little but it didn't get my back up - maybe it should have, but maybe we are just so used to seeing magazine reporting how new mothers should be fit and back into their tightest jeans within months. I saw your magazine being reported online and simply rolled my eyes that you would release a special addition of your magazine on the day the royal baby was born, simply about how this bundle of joys mother should get back into shape straight away.

And then, this morning I woke up to social networking websites reporting on a (now deleted) tweet and I was flabbergasted that you think it is OK to send something like that - although, maybe the fact that the tweet has been deleted shows that you know that body bashing a brand new mother who gave birth just 26 hours before is not OK!

Living in this world is tough - the obsession with body image is growing and as a publication that sells thousands of copies a week you have a massive bearing on how people feel about things like this. When you send disgusting tweets like this, you send a generation of new mums into panic because they too have a body that shows the evidence of the new life they have created.

Kate took brave steps that most of us do not have to do; she walked out to hundreds of cameras wanting to broadcast her body to the world. She knew that millions (if not billions) were waiting to see what she looked like... and who wants to do that just a day after they have given birth? To send a tweet out that hints towards her looking like she has given birth to more than one person is a disgrace and I cannot understand why you haven’t already issued an apology.

I hope for every expectant mothers and every new mothers sake you see the error of your ways, apologise quickly and tell them that their miracle bodies are absolutely in their right to show the world that they gave birth to a baby and that there is no pressure for anyone to lose weight, tone up, fit back into their jeans quickly.

Take note OK Magazine, because what you did is far from OK!

Debz x

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  1. Quite right xxx
    your awesome xx

  2. Completely agree - I thought it was great that she wore an outfit that showed her shape and showed the world what a new mum should look like - not a skinny, back to her old shape within 24hrs of birth!

  3. Disgusting behaviour. People sadly look up to this pile of coloured tinder.

  4. That's a disgraceful comment by OK...Give me any person who is back to their normal shape a day after giving birth?!

  5. I was outraged enough when I saw the advert on TV, but after seeing that tweet I'm effervescent with rage.

    My husband said to me earlier ' Wow, she actually looks like she's just had a baby, not like all those celebrities!' If he can work out that it's totally NORMAL for a new mum to still have a tummy, then anyone can, because he's away with the fairies half the time. Do these arsewipes at OK not realise it can take MONTHS for a woman's post-baby bump to go down? They are a disgrace and I will never buy their filthy rag again.

  6. I couldn't agree more - in fact the whole incident prompted me to write a blog post too! Great minds ;-)

    I've read a few of your pieces this morning and really like the fresh and honest way you write about body image and female representation in the media. Looking forward to seeing more and more!