Friday, 2 August 2013

Knock 'Em Down Like A Domino! (An ABC Of Amazing Dresses!)

When it comes to plus-size retailers Domino Dollhouse might be a relatively unknown name, but they are an amazing hidden secret, although maybe not for long.

Since the launch of BBW blogs the number of plus size fashion avenues has expanded massively however many people still assume that there only options are high street stores such as Evans. Although the offerings from Evans have massively improved over the years it is important for us fat chicks to realise that there are many diverse and fantastic retailers out there who cater exactly to what we need!

When I need to look at some 'clothes porn' I find myself drooling over the Domino Dollhouse pages - the items that they have are fantastic and I really need to save up and get myself an item or two!

What I love about the Domino Dollhouse website is that they make measurements and sizes easy to see so you don't have to worry about struggling to find the correct size for you!

These prices are in US Dollars so you'll have to check somewhere like to see what the exchange rate is at the time!

Absolute Bargain - Chloe Party Dress - $45.95

I love the look of this dress and though I don't often wear black I think this dress could easily be patterned up with bright coloured accessories to complete the look however you like. I love the fit and the pattern of the bust as well as the elegant sleeves - which can easily be covered up a smart cardigan or shrug if you prefer. 

Best Value For Money - Hello Sailor Costume - $55.95

If you are someone that struggles to find plus size fancy dress then this could easily be a solution for you - although the dress is pretty enough to be worn on a night out too! This is something that I definitely want to live in my wardrobe and would be an item I would definitely buy from their site if I had the funds. I love the fact that it is fitted so flattering to all shapes too. 

Cash To Splash - Baby Doll Dress in Galaxy - $88.99

When I talk about drooling over dresses on this website - this is definitely one of those dresses. I literally would give my right arm for this dress - I love the unique pattern and the fit of the dress. I think you could easily dress up this dress for a night out quite easily and it is definitely worth investing in! 

What I love about buying from a website such as Domino Dollhouse is that they are different to the usual high street plus size retailers - so you don’t have to worry about going out and seeing another girl wearing the same outfit as you!

What do you think?


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