Katie Hopkins Attends Plus Size Awards - Thoughts?

In case you didn't know - the Miss BBW International and Plus Size Awards took place in Central London last night. I go to a few events arranged by the team who put this together, but sadly I could not afford the ticket price and therefore did not (could not) attend. However, to be honest with you I am quite glad I didn't.

I found out a few days before that Katie Hopkins had been invited to the awards to collect a 'Cream Cake Award' for being unsupportive of the plus size industry. Seeing as the event was to celebrate plus size fashion, designers, writers and general advocates, I was just surprised she had been invited to such an event, even if for a negative award.

What flabbergasted me even more last night was when I saw Gemma Collins at the awards, next to Katie Hopkins proclaiming what a "nice lady" she was... This was about 10 minutes before Kate Hopkins tweeted that fat women should change for the better.... #Ironic #YesIUsedAHashTagInABlogPost

I wonder if Gemma Collins still thinks Katie is such a nice lady?

To be honest, I was upset and angry that she would tweet something while at the actual event. If she doesn't like fat people, that's up to her - but why attend an event for POSITIVITY and bring it down with such hurtful thoughts while still in the building?

And then I saw this...

I get that Katie Hopkins makes a career out of being a bitch - I hope that she is a character rather than actually being a bullying, racist, child hating woman  - but who knows!

What I don't get is why she was allowed to tweet such drivel while AT THE EVENT! These women have taken a massive step to get up in a room full of people and show off their bodies - how dare someone ridicule them? These plus size events are set up to celebrate our bodies, our confidence & as a safe haven to recognise achievements... Even if you don't agree with plus size, or awards, or pageants - why would you come into a room where this is happening, just to put down the women who are taking part? ITS BAFFLING!

When she sent tweets like this before the event - surely people realised it would only end in belittling and bullying?

Anyway, I sent quite a few angry, ranty tweets last night - as did a few others. A couple of mine were picked up by Katie Hopkins and Retweeted - which lead to a flurry of new twitter followers and of course some interesting replies - including 'insulting' me by calling me a fat lesbo & asking if I have normal size friends... blah, blah blah... because fat is obviously an insult!

However, what also surprised me was a few tweets I got telling me that I was over reacting, that Katie Hoping was right, that I should just ignore her thoughts, that I should just walk away, block Katie, not saying anything at all etc.

So anyway... The whole point of this bumbling, ranty blog post is that I would love to hear your points of view! Are you angry that Katie Hopkins that attended or should she have been allowed to go? Were the Twitter gang right to tweet about the event, or should it have been ignored? I could not have kept quiet about it, or ignored bullying but I would love other peoples thoughts and feelings on it!

If you were there - I'd love to know what it was like, did you talk to her? Were people, in general, talking about it on the night? Did anyone approach her?

Thanks so much - enjoy your Sunday!

Debz xx


  1. Oh dear, I am not a huge fan of things like this event, so it didnt interest me in going at all! I dont even follow it - being a plus size 28-30 I am a big girl, and used to dealing with negative reactions in my daily life.. Why would i then want to attend a event, with some women, and however many other people, wanting to put me down even more? - I agree she should not of been invited! - Why was she even there, or winning a award? Thats just saying - you know what, its ok to slag anyone off you want, especially us fatty's! .... id be annoyed!

  2. If I'd have been there, I wouldn't have been at all impressed at seeing TROLLDEMORT there. It's disgusting self-promotion on the organisers part. They didn't give a shit if anyone there was shocked or upset by her being there. It appears from what I've read (obviously I wasn't there) that these awards are a sham. How can a woman who co-organises put herself up for an award?! Pfffft.

    The good thing to come out of this is the plus size world is united against bullshit like this.

    Oh, the 'fat lesbo' insult you got? What a sad sack who sent that! Fat is an adjective not an insult and there's not a thing in the world wrong with being a lesbian, so they failed miserably there. x x

  3. I don't think it was a wise idea to invite Katie Hopkins, though I do understand why they did- good for publicity and, in some ways, it was promoting body positivity by presenting her with that award for essentially being a bad person.

    I have to say, looking at her tweets, that I'm not enraged by anything she said. I think her job is to insult people, so really she's just doing what she does best and while not everyone can just ignore people like her, the women at the awards were fabulous and confident enough to!

  4. I can't stand Katie Hopkins. I'm sure she was invited for more publicity than anything but I really don't see why people give her the time of day xx

  5. I find it disrespectful that she was invited - even if it was to receive a wooden spoon prize. The sooner this repellant, woman-hating facist is removed from all forms of media, the happier I'll be.

  6. The thing with Katie Hopkins is that if she doesn't tweet her vile opinions then she will just fade into obscurity like the vile piece of dirt she is. She of course doesn't want that, so tweets and spreads her nasty comments to gain a reaction.
    What is more annoying for the truly inwardly ugly people of this world, is to be ignored!
    Her opinion is of no import, I am a size 16 but can her comments hurt me? Of course not, she is nothing to me and just a media attention seeker, and we grant her the attention by replying!
    Just as I have done, but no more. Send her to Coventry, don't give her the time of day and she will shrivel up, back to the dark hole she came from.