Lady in Red

I have had this red dress from ASOS Curve in my wardrobe for a while, but haven't had a chance to wear it. This weekend I decided to be a lady in red for the Plus London After Dark Party and then my trip to BGP in the evening. I wore it with leggings (surprisingly I know!) and some sparkly silver shoes. I loved the fit of the top and enjoyed wearing it.

The 'lovely' necklace gets SO many comments, it's a Primark bargain and I am so glad I picked up it when I saw it a few months ago!

I don't often wear red, so it was a nice change for me - what colour do you like to wear?

Debz x


  1. Debz,You look awesome in the Red dress.

  2. Red is my go to colour when I need a little extra confidence. Even just wearing red shoes to the office gives me a little boost. I'm also going through a dark green phase at the moment, I think it's an autumn thing. I'm on a spending ban, but I keep lusting after lovely green skater dresses, knitwear and jeggings. You look lovely in the dress BTW :)