Taking Body Positive Influences From All Over

Evening :)

If you have read my blog before then you will have seen that I love finding positive body image sources from all over. I have linked to different people before and I think it's important to surround yourself with positive stuff, where possible. I am not saying it's a miracle cure, but I am very happy and content in the skin I am in - and for years I have sought out, collected, watched and shared positive images, videos and sayings... I guess the two are related!

Anyway, when I find pieces that I like, I want to share them because I think its important for people to have places they can stumble across little rays of sunshine when they didn't expect it - so here you go!

Carrie Hope Fletcher

The little sister of Tom McFly has had a YouTube channel for a while now. I don't pretend to know lots of facts about her but I do love her singing voice! Anyway, last week she released this video of her talking about body image, her own body and how she feels about confidence etc. I really enjoyed watching it and I hope you will too! :)

Hollie McNish

I have blogged about Hollie before and my love of her poems. This week I was reminded of her words when I found out that some of her poetry was being used for Dove adverts. 

My favourite of hers is a poem called "WOW"

One of her Dove advert ones can be seen/heard here:

I love all of these pieces - and a couple more by Hollie McNish. As ever I love Mary Lambert, Natasha Devon and so many other people!

Surrounding myself with positive influences like this really helps me to be happy with who I am... 

What do you do to help yourself with body confidence? Do you find people influential to the way you feel about your body?

I'd love to know your thoughts!


  1. Discovered Holly yesterday because of the Dove advert. Reminded me so much of a Kate Nash song. Listened to everything I could find - then listened again with 14 year old daughter. She loved it also. Isn't Cupcakes and Scones about not wanting to be a Wannabee Princess ? About being happy about being grown up ?

    1. Hi Graham

      Thanks for your comment :) Glad you liked Hollies poem!

      Yes, you are right Cupcakes & Scones is about embracing maturity and liking yourself as a woman - not hankering after being childlike forever! I don't see any mention of being a princess or otherwise so I may have missed that.

      However, the great thing about spoken word poetry like this is that everyone can interpret it differently and take from it what they like. I most definitely think people should embrace their age and be as happy being as woman as they were a girl - which to me is all about body positivity - and that is what I took away from that piece of work.

      Enjoy the rest of your day x

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