Follow Up - The Fat Mermaid

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the beautiful green sequin dress that AX Paris have on offer this year - but I didn't post any full length pics because I didn't want to spoil it for my Christmas party! if you want to have a nosey at the post!

This weekend I spent the weekend with vodka, white wine and some of my beautiful friends - while wearing this amazing dress & wanted to share it with you.

I know some ladies prefer to shy away from bodycon dresses, but I really can not recommend this dress enough. Although it is is bodycon and quite tight, it is made from a nice thick material so I don't feel it clings everywhere, which is what many people don't like about body con dresses. The sequins are beautiful and I have yet to see this dress look bad on anyone - and if you follow any bloggers you'll see that it's a popular one!

Wouldn't be the same without some dodgy mirror selfie shots

If you're looking for a sparkly dress to wear this festive season I really can't recommend this dress enough! It's lovely! 

Debz xx


  1. The dress is a beaut and I might buy it if it had a lower neckline. Looks grand on you! x x

  2. I love this on you! It is so beautiful. I have this dress hanging on my wardrobe door and can't make my mind up whether to keep it or not as I don't feel the shape of dress is me. :)