Guest Post: Everything 5 Pounds

This week I was asked to do a guest post for Everything 5 Pounds. I haven't tried the online store myself yet, but I have to admit to being pretty impressed with the range of plus size stuff they have on offer! I choose a few items that I liked most on the site and wrote a few words about them and about plus size shopping in general!

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What I'd like to know is - have you ever shopped at one of these budget online stores? If you have, what did you think? If you haven't, would you?


Debz x

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  1. I shopped at Everything 5 Pounds once....I bought some gorgeous boots....Wore them for a night out....Within an hour the heel came off the boot....I wasn't going home just because of that so soldiered on....An hour or so later the other heel came off....I know they were only £5 but expected them to last longer than that!! Never shopped with them again....

  2. I've bought a few things from there, those skater dresses are lovely.
    Best thing to do for clothes (can't speak for shoes really) is to catch them when the site gets updated around 11am or so, it'll say on the facebook page. :)
    I got a skirt from there that had a tag from new look and price of £15 so it's worth it if you can catch the good stuff!

  3. I rarely buy new, so probably not.
    But I do love your blog, so I have nominated you for a Liebster award. Check out the nomination details at my blog here

  4. I have bought quite a lot of stuff from everything five pounds, and I do agree it can be a hit or miss. I still have some beautiful dresses, all intact, shoes have lasted me 6 months which is good as I bought a pair off amazon and the outlet factory that only lasted me a week!!
    I bought some things today actually, first time I've bought a bag from them so we'll see how that goes.