Discovering Marisota

I have to be honest here, while I have known for ages that Marisota do plus size fashion (up to a size 32) they're not really a brand I think to check when I am looking for a new outfit. However, I love the fact that they exist, because choice is always good!

Last week they invited me down to an event in a beauty salon in Soho to be treated to a bit of a pamper and the chance to browse through some of their offerings this season... How could I resist?

I have been meaning to do something with my eyebrows for ages - I was an eyebrow treatment virgin. In the end I got them waxed and tinted as well as my eyelashes tinted - I love them!

I have to say - I was really impressed with the clothes that they had. When I saw the rail which was bursting with colour & shape I had to smile... It was so nice to see so many nice clothes, something I didn't expect at all.

I'll definitely be keeping a much closer eye on Marisota from now on.

Have you ever shopped there? What did you think?

Debz xx

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