No Body Shame Campaign

Have you seen any of the 'Fat Girl Dancing...' videos? I came across them last week and I loved them!!

I looked into them in a little more detail and discovered the lady in them is a radio producer called Whitney Way. Thanks to the fantastic feedback she has received from the videos (you NEED to watch them on YouTube, she's done loads of them and they're brilliant) she has launched the 'No Body Shame Campaign. As yet she the details are new - I think she had no idea how big the idea would grow - and boy it's growing!

As you probably know, I love anything to do with body positivity and body image so I had blog. I will definitely be following this campaign to see how it grows. I have loved seeing it take off on Facebook, it's pretty exciting!

She's asking people  to send in selfie photos to promote the campaign, so OF COURSE, I had to be involved!

Make sure you check it out & get involved if you want to!

Do know of any body-positive influencers I am missing? Let me know

Debz xx

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  1. I live in North Carolina and Whitney is the producer for the radio station I listen to in the mornings. I can completely attest to how body confident she is and I find her really inspirational. The hosts on the show tend to talk about how fat she is, and make it a point to discuss is constantly, but she is so open and honest about how she feels about her body and commands a lot of respect. Not only is she beautiful, but you can see how well she dances in her videos. Also, a few months back, she did a boudoir shoot and the station posted several of the pictures on their facebook page (107.5 KZL). I absolutely appreciate when women (any size, race, whatever) stands up and proclaims that it's ok to be them and they deserve to love themselves just as much as any other woman! Thanks for posting this and sharing the message.