Giving Up Clothes Shopping For Lent

Tonight, I had loads of friends around for a pancake party - YAY! Anyway, we were talking about what we would be giving up for lent and I had nothing that I could think would be good to give up!

Then - my flatmate had a bright idea that I could give up clothes shopping and so the #ShopMyWardrobeForLent challenge was born. I don't have time to set up a bloggers challenge for it but there will be other bloggers taking part so make sure you keep an eye on the twitter hashtag for details. If you want to take part - DO!!!

I won't be blogging every day or possibly even every week for the challenge, but I will keep you up to date with what I have been wearing out of my wardrobe!

What are you giving up for Lent?

Debz xx

Don't forget to check out the other ladies taking part.

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  1. This could be interesting but I hope you still tell us all about bargains and wotnot...pretty please :D

  2. Lent falls on my birthday ha so no matter what I give up I feel deprived :p xx

  3. Love this idea! My bank account is currently empty, so it's a good idea to try and give up clothes shopping for Lent.

    I have been watching the ladies doing 30 dresses in 30 days and have been pawing through my wardrobe deciding what I should be wearing more and what I should be eBaying. It's time for a clothes buying moratorium, I have too many and your post has given me the reason for doing it :)

    How are your moving plans going?