Marvellous Matalan

For quite a few years now Matalan have had the Rogers and Rogers collection, offering up to size 30 clothing. I am sure Matalan will forgive me for saying that up until now their collection hasn't really been saying much. I have bought the odd staple item from Matalan but nothing that really excites me! However, one thing that did catch my eye today was their exciting announcement on Facebook today.

Of course, I immediately hot footed it over to the website and I was really impressed! They have loads of dresses, tops, jackets and more. It's great to see fitted items, bright colours and another choice for plus size clothing - I can't wait to visit a store and see what the selection is like on the high street!

The two skater dresses immediately caught my eye and at just £16.00 each they seem like complete bargains. 

Have you tried anything from the new Rogers and Rogers collection? I want to hear all about it if you have!

Debz xx

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  1. I've bought leggings from them before but nothing else because nothing called to me. I'm glad they listened because the range was sorely lacking. Those two dresses you showed are gorgeous. x x

  2. I tried on a few bits yesterday and for me they are not that good. The flower print skater dress was a funny cut and other things were too short in the leg or arm. Definitely not good for a tall plus size woman. Shame as the clothes are really nice.

  3. I adore you and your blog! I am a charity shop/vintage/ plus size buyer, which is definitely a tricky venture but you have shown lovely clothing here x x x new follower x x x