Skater Girl

I have read a few reviews of the twin packs of skater dresses from New Look Inspire, but I had never gotten around until trying them! Before Christmas I had £30.00 of vouchers, so decided to take the plunge.

I went for a twin pack containing a heart print skater dress (as pictured) and a red one. I can't see it on the site now, but they do have some great ones for sale!

I found the dresses to be a great fit, although a little short to be worn without leggings. They're a decent quality and pretty stretchy what is great. 

When you consider that these twin packs of skater dresses are £20.00, you really cant go far wrong. It's always have a couple of go-to dresses for day to day wear and these certainly cater to that.

Have you tried any of them? What did you think?


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  1. They're a bargain! I was in my local New Look today, but the plus size section is tiny and very crap so didn't see those. :-(

  2. I've got two twin packs of sleeveless ones, so I ended up with 2 black dresses, a pink one and a red one. They're so comfy as well. xx

  3. That's a great deal! I love that they can be worn as dresses, over leggings, over skinnies, etc.

    <3 Liz

  4. I found you via blog hopping - and now, I can't remember from where! I love your blog. :) I spent some time reading some of your posts, too. I will continue to follow and read along, too.

    I LOVE THESE. so badly, that I tried to order them, but for some reason, it just doesn't go through. I'm from over in the states, so maybe it was a bit of a mess up, but it's OK. Maybe the over 180 I was going to spend was too much for my bank to handle, and it denied it - to protect me. ;) I look forward to reading more.

  5. You look lovely Debz. :) I have a couple of these as well with animal print. They are such good fit and comfy. xx