If you follow me on any social media sites then you'll know that scrawling words of body positivity on my body is nothing all that new. Just last week I had this lovely little number tattoo'd on me - and I love it!

Of course not all body-scrawling has to be quite so permanent as I found out when I stumbled across the page. I spent ages going through pages of photos of people, who were spreading such a positive message - and I loved it! Anything that spreads positivity especially when it comes to confidence, self belief and body image is a good thing in my book and this campaign was no exception.

So - I wanted to get the plus size community involved and put a call out on Twitter. If you check the #PSBYouAreGoodEnough tag on Twitter you'll be able to see everyone sharing their pictures and talking about what they love on their body - it makes you feel all warm and mushy inside!

Unfortunately this week has been crazy busy for me as I am moving a couple of days and having to get packing - what a bloody nightmare! Anyway it;s now nearly midnight and I have snapped a few pics for you - no make up, blotchy skin, tired eyes and hair that could do with a brush... I nearly didn't post them and thought I would just post in the morning when I had a chance to do some "nice" pictures then I realised the whole point of the campaign - YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH

And whatever I am wearing, however I look. I am good enough! Over recent years I have learnt to love all of my body and I have never felt more confident in my skin.

Please take some time to read the other ladies who have taken part - it's honestly a real pleasure to read them!


Debz xx

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  1. Aww, you don't need make up. You look so cute without it! x x

  2. I adore your tat and I love the pics of you x x x