Yours Clothing Discount Code

I was browsing the Yours Clothing website today, which considering I am on a clothes spending ban was a bit silly, but anyway! How good is their sale?! They have loads of dresses for just over £20... which if you use my 'Blogger6' code would get new accounts £10 off.... Just think, £10 off any of these dresses would make them a right bargain!!

Shopping encourager.. Me? NEVER!!

P.S You can use the code on any items, it doesn't have to be the very pretty ones I have mentioned :D

Debz xx

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  1. If only I were a new customer... I think I may have just about set up an account with every single email address I have, maybe I could set up a new one???? Lol! Too many pretties out there at the moment, making it far too tempting!!! x

  2. ohh I've also started a shopping ban yesterday for the whole of April! need to save money! I am such a shopaholic x