Confidence: What Does It Really Mean?

You might remember last year I posted about a launch party I attended for a plus size art exhibition run by Plus Confidence in You. Anita, the lady behind this is still working hard on this and is currently fundraising in order to raise funds for the main event. 

A big part of Plus Confidence in You is about spreading positive messages and today is all about confidence. As part of a series of blogs that a number of us are involved in she wanted us to talk about confidence and what it means to us. This is s subject that I have talked about many times before, so instead I put a shout out and asked people to let me know what made them feel most confident - it makes some lovely reading!

Nikki Summer

Love the sound of this so here is mine!! Having my hair cut makes me confident!! I have always been one for experimenting with my hair and whenever it is cut I feel like I can take on the world!! Here is a picture of me taken after my most recent hair cut! Also it sounds daft but taking selfies and posting outfits on Instagram is also a fab confidence boost! 

Becky Scott

For me, I'm most confident when I'm wearing clothes that I love, that flatter my figure and are usually bright and colourful. I don't mind if people are looking at me if I think I look nice. I also feel the whole hair cut thing! My hair was almost waist length last year and I always wore it up (it took over an hour to straighten it!) I had it cut to a bob in September (and donated my hair to charity) and so now I feel like making an effort with it. When my hair is sleek and shiny I feel fabulous!  having the confidence to take selfies like this makes a refreshing change from the self-hater I was a few years ago!

Hanna Ryynänen

It's the little things - when I'm having a good hair day, when I'm wearing a new pair of pretty earrings, when I manage to get my make-up just right. That's when I feel confident. Also, blogging has made me a lot more confident than I was a few years ago!

Mel Chillag 

My confidence came from removing jealousy and comparison from my life, once I stopped thinking 'why can't I look like that person' I learnt to appreciate my own body and my own life! Also the fat people of Tumblr!! they saved my life, seeing unapologetically fat people out there doing them and living life to its fullest made me realise I was missing out on true happiness because I was too obsessed with what I looked like.

Kittynance (Instagram)

Confidence is definitely learnt. And even if you are confident and love yourself it does not mean you will not have moments of doubt. But I strongly believe it is all about being true to yourself, oh and being vain helps lol.

Just Me Leah

For me confidence was a decision. My nan died when I was 24 and it made me realise life is so precious and I was only living half a life up until then. I was so scared of what other people thought of me it stopped me doing the things which made me happy. Ever since then I've been working on being true to myself no matter what, and it's working. I choose to love myself because the world tells me I shouldn't because of the way I look, and I've always been a rebel like that. I surround myself with other positive people as body snark (about all body sizes) brings me down and I would much rather focus on the positives. We only get one life and it's so much better living it from a place where we love ourselves, and others. Confidence is happiness, and working on both is so worthwhile, even though sometimes it's really hard.

Beeglee (instagram)

Confidence is realising you are so much more than your exterior. It is about holding your head high and allowing others to see your intelligence, love, generosity etc.. I am confident because I know I am a good person with strong morals, a great wife, mother, friend. Am I fat? Yes. Do I look good? Yes. Would I look better if I were thin? I have no idea and no huge desire to find out. Don't waste your life looking at the floor, if confidence doesn't come easily, fake it til you make it! Life is so much easier once you stop beating yourself up and start loving you no matter what!

Samantha Stokes 

I feel confident when I'm all dolled up, with my hair nice (like pic) and with heels on. For some reason the heels give me confidence and make me feel sexy.

What does confidence mean to you?

To me it is the ability to live my life as I want to and not worry about what other people have to say. The ability to say no, to not date people just because I feel that I won't get better. The chance to make choices and do things because I want to, with a smile on my face without fear of my body and the way I look holding me back. Confidence is about holding my head up high and being comfortable in my own skin...I hope one day everyone feels the same!


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  1. Thanks for including my contribution! :) I've included a link to this post on my blog too. It's lovely reading everyone's positive comments! :) x

  2. A lovely post Debs. I'm glad you're confident in yourself, as you give other people the strength to be too. x x

  3. Thank you for adding me to this and I think it is lovely how you got everyone to say what makes them feel confident xx

  4. Great post Debz x Coincidence to me is loving yourself first x

  5. As always an amazing post. You were if not the first plus size blogger I came across most definitely one of the first, and the one that made the most impact giving me the initial confidence to start my own. Since then I have found this amazing community that I couldn't be without, and I cannot express my gratitude for that.... Thank you for being who you are and doing what you do.... Thank you. S x