My Body Is Not Brave

So.. summer is on it's way(hopefully to stay!) and it comes to that time of year when we all like to flash the flesh. I have to admit that I love wearing skirts without leggings, shorts and t shirts and of course my beloved flip flops! For me, the hot weather is so much easier - no worrying about layering up and what you are going to wear to keep warm and dry. Instead you can just put on almost anything and you are good to go!

However, being plus size/fat/curvy/large whatever you want to call it dressing in this way is going to get you some reactions. One of the reactions that always baffles me is the "Wow, you look great you are so brave" or "I love this outfit, I wish I was as brave as you". I know that these compliments come from a good place, so I try not to feel disappointed at them, but invariably - I do!

As far as I am concerened, there is nothing brave about wearing clothes! My body is not a battle ground to be debated and there is nothing brave to me when it comes to choosing the clothes that I want to wear. If someone doesn't want to wear the type of clothes that I do that is fine, but I choose to wear them because I like them and not because I am brave!

When you get messages along the lines of "WOW, how did you learn to be so confident" I know they come from a place of good, but they also baffle me... Is it really so baffling that someone who looks like me can love their body? If you don't love yours then I am sorry and I really hope that one day you learn to, but being so shocked and surprised that I love me... That isn't good! Why is it such a surprise that I am confident in my skin? Usually because deep down people don't feel I should be... and that isn't a good way of thinking.

If you feel happier covering up this summer then that is fine, but I'll be getting out my pale, chubby body parts and there is nothing brave about that!

What will you be wearing this summer?

I would love to see your #MyBodyisNotBrave so share then on Instagram with the hashtag so I can check them out!!
Debz xx

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  1. I've been known to say this myself to others. It has always come from a good place because I always never felt brave enough to bare my arms or my legs. Now I can imagine how it does sound, after reading this. Thanks for the insight. I will look at this differently!

  2. and I LOVE THAT dress! We're going to Daytona Beach this July - I would give anything to have a dress like that for the weekend!!

  3. I love this post Debz! Well said. x x

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  5. Great post Debz, I do get comments like that from friends and colleagues and I think WTH you can wear what you want no need to be brave xxx

  6. You are the best my dear. :) So agree!!!

  7. Fantastic post Debz, well said xx

  8. Next summer I'm so going to bare my legs! You''re so right.