Plus Size Fashion - Why Aren't We Reading From The Same Page?

Last week I was sent an infographic from a PR company - nothing new there. However this one was about plus size summer trends and what we should and should not be wearing. It contained handy tips like do not wear a crop top with low-cut jeans or don't wear two peplum items together. I told them that this was nonsense and that if they had read my blog they would see that their 'advice' was everything that I stood against. I thought nothing more of it - until I saw a post where a girl had posted the infographic and that she AGREED with them - I was horrified!! I don't want to link to the post here, as this isn't a personal attack on anyone - but it was a general do and do list of what a plus size lady should wear. 

And I Get Dressed...

There has been a hashtag floating around lately of "And I Get Dressed" and this made me think of that. When I get dressed in the morning I wear the clothes that I like and the styles that I want to wear for me. I don't worry about whether someone else is going to feel uncomfortable because I am wearing shorts or whether the top I am wearing is considered flattering. I get that people won't like what I am wearing always and that sometimes I wear things other people wouldn't - but surely that is the beauty of fashion? I love the way I dress, it's a relatively new discovery for me to wear clothes I am passionate about and I don't intend to stop!

Maybe I am naive in thinking that the world of plus size bloggers think the same as me. Maybe it is silly to believe that we're fighting from the same corner for everyone to EffYourBeautyStandards and wear the clothes that they want to wear. I generally didn't think I would see a plus size blog telling me "And then there are some summer trends that we just shouldn't be a part of, for example, the booty shorts trend. "

If I want to wear booty shorts - why shouldn't I? How is the fact that I choose to wear a certain style of clothing wrong to you? If you don't want to wear them - that is OK! Just as it is more than OK that I want to wear them.

I know that as a plus size person I often have to battle against media influences in order to dress how I want and live the life I choose, but I honestly didn't realise that I was also fighting against other plus size people for the right to dress how I want.

To anyone who feels that I shouldn't wear "clingy fabrics like nylon and spandex" I am sorry that my body makes you feel uncomfortable. I am not sorry for wearing what I choose to wear, I am just sorry that the shape of someone's body and the material they choose to put on it is something that makes you feel so passionate that you need to write about it. I hope one day, you'll learn (like many of us have had to) that all bodies are good bodies and that the only body and clothing you should worry about is your own.


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  1. I'm glad it wasn't just me who thought this. I saw it on a plus size blog (I just looked and it's still there) and just couldn't understand why she'd posted it. Also, as soon as I saw 'don't wear clingy fabrics' I was like 'screw this I'll do what I want!' x

  2. I know the post of which you're speaking and I came over several shades of WTF when I saw it. For me, it's that company and that blogger on my shitlist. I'll wear what the eff I want, 'rules' be damned. x

  3. It's funny really. I think that whatever your size, double peplum is a fashion faux pas. just like I don't like denim on denim, or personally wearing things that are too tight on a hot day. It gets far too sticky and sweaty.

  4. Omg I said the same thing to the company when I got sent that! Ridiculous! xx

  5. I've always thought those "dress rules" were b.s! We can and should wear whatever the hell we like.