SHOCK HORROR! Thin Lady Spots Chubby Girls Wearing Shorts To Go On Holiday!

This rant is going to be about Linda Kelsey's article in the Daily Mail today. I'll link to it here if you haven't read it yet, but please know it is a horrible article & only read if you want to - you're not missing much by avoiding it!

The article by Linda Kelsey is no doubt written and printed to cause upset & attract a response, perhaps I am playing right into her hands by writing this... but how anyone (and a national paper) can feel it is OK to print such bullying words I do know not!

The Daily Mail piece starts by saying that she saw a group of three young women in an airport queuing up to board a flight to go on holiday to Spain. Nothing unusual there, except poor Linda was FORCED to stare at these size 18 girls who dared to wear shorts to visit a hot country. Poor Linda couldn't just go about her business and not care about what anyone else wore or looks like, instead she was forced to look at this happy group of friends and their fat bodies... Poor, poor Linda.

Linda goes on to talk about how being fat is not attractive to her and that for that reason alone, we should all be thin. I guess she is right - I mean, what is the point of our lives if we're not considered attractive to Linda Kelsey? That's what we all strive for right?? She has decided that she is the person who can set the spectrum for what is attractive and what isn't... and who are we to go against that?

We shouldn't strive to find partners to love us, to set up a home that we're proud of, carve a career for ourselves, make friends, have fun etc etc - instead we NEED to be considered attractive to Linda Kelsey, or at least that is what she tells us.

SHOCK HORROR LINDA - People will be fat whether you tell them it is OK or not! People DO NOT get dressed in the morning and wonder what you would like to see them in, they get dressed and put on their own clothes on their own body - possibly a difficult concept to get your head around judging by your article... but perhaps something you should give some thought to? 

If you see a chubby girl and she's wearing shorts she hasn't thought 'Oh no, Linda won't like this'... she probably hasn't even given any thought to you and your small minded views at all.

If you don't like what you see, CLOSE YOUR EYES

Debz (A fat girl who likes to wear shorts!)

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  1. I personally fully support the parts "Far from body hatred, what I witnessed was a let-it-all-hang-out faith in themselves and a don't-give-a-damn attitude ...
    And it's one that must be shared by many, given that it's not just in departure lounges that I witness young fatties confidently flashing their flesh... "

    I like how that woman's has described (what she thinks) the "fatties" personal opinion of themselves as" confident" and screaming of self love.

  2. I love the Fat Brat rant! Awesome!!! - Marilyn Wann