Swing And You're Winning... Sort Of!

You might remember that I blogged about my shopping trip to Simply Be in Derby and the dresses I bought while I was there. 

One of them was this lovely swing dress, which had a pattern that jumped out at me as soon as I saw it on the sale rail. 

I loved it when I tried it on and I knew I had to have it! However, swing dresses are something a bit new to me (I've always been late to the party) especially in my actual size with the full swing effect. I wore this a few days ago and have to confess that I was a little scared of the swing dress affect and wore it with a belt.

I don't think it looks bad that way at all and I actually really liked the outfit that day! However, I know that it's a shame to wear such a beautiful shape dress and ruin the shape with a belt, so it is my intention to brave it and wear it without one! I know, it probably seems silly but it's just a new shape dress for me to get used to - but I'll get there!

He quite liked.. haha!

What are your fashion phobias? How do you plan to get over them?

Debz xx

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