She Looks Like A Corpse Someone Give Her A Burger!

*TRIGGER WARNING - Bullying & hateful words to do with size, eating disorders and more - quite a sensitive topic*

When it comes to ranting on the likes of Facebook and other social media, I am not often able to hold back, espeically when I see bullying or subtle (or not so) body bashing. 

Today a photo of a very thin lady came on on my Facebook news feed. This lady is very, very thin to the 'extreme' that you can see bones poking out from under her skin. The photo had "no fat chicks" all over it and according to what I have read, it is a lady that is scared and afraid of being overweight, or fat in anyway. I am not a doctor but I guess that would indicate an eating disorder of sorts, but that is not really for me to judge. You can see the photo I am talking about here *Trigger warning, very thin body and body hatred*. You'll need to click the link as I did not want to show it without a trigger warning (something I am trying to become more aware of!)

I agree that an image like this is shocking, for the body image insults if nothing else! However, the insults and pure ignorance posted towards this photo left me flabbergasted. I understand that we need to fight body image negativity, it's something that I do every day but I do not understand why people feel that body bashing and bullying is the best way to get there?

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So... So far we have that she probably has some sort of eating disorder (again I am not a doctor but she posts a lot about not wanting to be fat and she is very thin so I can only assume), according to one of the earlier comments the best way to deal with this is to 'give this girl a double cheeseburger'. Then we have the comments about her looking like a corpse and a skeleton and her body being disgusting. I don't know whether it is because  I have had body shaming comments left on my photos online or not, but these comments leave me feeling very uncomfortable and I do not understand why anyone feels that mocking a body is the best way to deal with intolerance?

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Another comment about this lady looking like a corpse and now she looks like a starved animal... AN ANIMAL! Someone thinks that because this lady is very thin it is OK to compare her to an ANIMAL!!! How does that even make any sense? We also have a comparison to a tooth pick & apparently these 'bitches snap in half'... Have you ever read anything so awful? Well actually, sadly I have but that doesn't make it right!

The conversation goes on and on about how she deserves it because she fat bashed, how her body is gross, so wrong, she needs a sandwich, her body makes someone want to throw up and the last comment as I write this is that she is a "freakshow".

I don't quite know what the point of this rant is, but I needed to get it out there! 

I truly, truly do not understand why people feel it is their right or their duty to comment on the body shape of another HUMAN! Not an animal or a tooth pick or even a fat whale, but a HUMAN! A person! Someone who is effected by words and lives their life being judged every day because of the shape of their body. I do not understand how people can say "Wow that skinny bitch fat bashed get her a sandwich" and think that it is OK because you know the two wrongs cancel each other out or something!

YES! Fight this lady (that is what she is - not a corpse, not a skeleton and not a freakshow) for her shallow views against fat people and her loved ones should get her help if she needs it but DO NOT use the shape of her body against her because you are no worse then the people who body shame every single day!

If you are ever tempted to use the shape of someones body against them for whatever reason, try to think about how you feel whenever others use yours against you? It's horrible - why would you want to inflict that feeling onto someone else?


Debz x

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