Will This Fit? An Evans Shape Stylist Review!

Last week, the lovely ladies at Evans contacted me to tell me about a new service they're offering - The Shape Stylists. For me, it seems like such a fantastic idea and I am so surprised that something like this isn't used more often.

I am sure we all shop in much the same way when we shop on the high street - we hold items, we feel material, we stretch items etc just to see how well they'll fit us and whether we like them. Whilst online shopping is fantastic, you just don't get this same experience - especially if you want to buy an item that hasn't been reviewed by a blogger.

The idea behind The Evans Shape Stylists is that you can chat to someone about the items you are interested in and how well you think they will fit. You can ask them about stretch, length, size and even items to be paired up with them and recommendations! The stylists themselves are store staff from up and down the UK, so you get to speak to people who really know the products and are experienced when it comes to fitting them onto plus size bodies - brilliant!

When Evans gave me the chance to try the service for myself and buy a few items, I jumped at the chance - just because I think it's quite an exciting idea! I tried not to speak to the Evans ladies too much about the service before I went into it, just because I wanted to go into it as a normal customer and see how easy it was - and I was pleasantly surprised!

I decided to be sensible and look at getting some jeans and some winter boots, as I think I really have to start to come to terms with the fact that summer is well and truly gone. My Shape Stylist was Sarah and she couldn't have been more helpful! I haven't put the whole conversation up (because I chat ALOT!) but it gives you an idea on how the screen works and just how easy it is to chat to someone on this service.

Sarah ended up finding me some lovely ankle winter boots that I wanted and recommend that I give Jeggings a try, as I had been put off of buying these in the past - just because they're not something I've ever been able to buy on the high street and when shopping online it's hard to know what size to go for etc.

I found Sarah really friendly and she clearly knew her stuff. What I really loved is that it wasn't just about trying to push items for me to buy in order to make the sale, instead she was more than happy to tell me items to avoid and things that she didn't think I would get on with.

I ended up making a few purchases thanks to Sarah, which I am waiting to arrive and will review another day! I have to say that having another person to ask when it comes to plus size shopping is fantastic. I have relied heavily on plus size bloggers when it comes to product recommendations and help with brand sizing, but now having someone else to ask is bloody brilliant!

You can use the Shape Stylist service 7 days a week... 9am-9pm Monday-Friday, 3pm-7pm Saturday and 5pm-9pm Sunday too!

Have you tried the Evans Shape Stylist service before? Do you think this is something that you would find helpful?


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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items to buy in order to review this service (review of the clothes coming soon) and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my review

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  1. What a brilliant idea... I'll definitely be using that in the future! x