Pink Clove: Here's What I Would Have Spent

When Pink Clove launched last year with an array of tartan dresses, print tops and leggings that went up to a size 32 I was one of the first to sing their praises from the roof tops! I love the fact that they offered fast, fashion in sizes right up to a size 32.

Slowly I started to notice that their new arrivals would shrink quite considerably when I ticked the 30/32 box to see what was available. To me it was such a shame that a range that started so well went down hill. I understand there are probably some restrictions as to what they can offer & that some 30/32 options is better than none - but I'd love to see more!

Today I thought I would head to the Pink Clove website to see what they were saying... Firstly they had this AMAZING dress in a size 32 which made me very happy, it's an item I'll be adding to my wardrobe for sure!

Seeing this in my size spurred me on to see what else was available. Their New Arrivals page is pretty exciting at the moment and I love seeing these plus size options. Sadly as soon as I tick my size I go down from 18 pages of available items to get 8... Which if you ask me, is a massive shame.

I feel like we need to start letting retailers know what we would buy, if they would give us the option. After all, they're not going to start stocking it until they know the demand is there!

So... Pink Clove, Here's What I Would Have Spent!

I really feel that alot of this is great for plus size fashion... Extend the sizes offered and I'd be even happier! Keep up the good work Pink Clove, but do what you can to make a fat girl happy please ;)

Debz xx

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  1. This is such a good idea Debz! With the introduction of annnnnnnnnother 'plus size' (humph) range coming out which'll only go to a size 24 (Missguided) this kind of thing is extremely apt. xx