Life Is Too Short, Your Skirt Isn't!

I feel like every time I post now I am either ranting about an issue or blogging about dresses I wish I owned... That will change soon, promise! I have just started a new job so things are a bit hectic at the moment but I do have some great reviews coming featuring Topsy Curvy and Lady V London.

Which, brings me to today's rant :) 

Today the wonderful Lady Voluptuous launched their newest dress - The Bellatrix. As soon as I saw this dress I really liked it - It's fitted, it;s colourful and I know as it's from Lady V London it'll be good quality - so what's not to love?

Being the super-nosey, social media addict that I am, I wouldn't help but have a look at the Facebook comments to see how much other people loved these dresses... and love them they did! So many comments about how Georgina looked in the dresses and how fabulous the patterns were.

And then came these...

This isn't to call anyone out or tell them that their feelings are bad, however...

Whatever your shape or size, your body deserves a pretty dress! Your body works hard for you and if you like a floral dress then why not drape it over your body? Life is too short... Too short to wait until your tummy is flat until you wear the dress of your dreams. I can promise you that if you put on a fitted dress your day will still go on as normal. 

Even if you are very fat - WEAR THE DRESS! See a dress you like, buy it and put it on your body. Sometimes it can take a little while to get used to seeing our bodies in a different, but this doesn't make the way you look bad just different! 

Life is too short to wait until your chubby thighs are smaller before you wear a short skirt. It is too short to wait until you are toned before you go on the beach wearing a bikini. If you wait until you are 100% happy with your body then you are missing out on a wardrobe of pretty dresses - some of which will be gone forever!!! (dramatic, much?).

If you see something you want to wear - WEAR IT!

Debz xx

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  1. Its sad that ladies feel that certain clothes arent suitable for them. I agree this dress would look beautiful on anyone-I plan on getting it and will be showing off my VBO with pride x

  2. My first thought on seeing those comments is that those ladies are bonding over their body grumbles, which I know (sadly) is expected of us as women. I find it really quite sad. Wouldn't it be wonderful if someone in that thread said 'My body perhaps isn't my ideal right now, but I'm going to rock the shit out of that dress!' Or even better 'My fat body is awesome just how it is and it'll look even more awesome in a bangin' dress!'

    It brings home to me how far I've come over the last few years or so, as maybe 5 years ago I would've been one of those ladies, thinking I didn't 'deserve' an awesome dress. x

    1. Leah, I think you have got it in one here. There is almost an expectation that us women will deride our bodies to others so that a) we are not seen as big headed or up ourselves (because god forbid that any woman can possibly be happy with her bod) and b) it's definitely seen as a way of misery bonding - the dieting and body-loathing sorority. And it's just SAD....

  3. To be honest, this was the main reason why I haven't picked up any of the dresses - my top half is bigger than my bottom and I have a SERIOUS VBO and just know the dress would be unflattering on me, which is a shame!

  4. Thought provoking post. Made me think through some of my prejudices about my own body. I am in love with the Medusa but still unsure as to whether I will feel comfortable in it due to some excess baggage I am carrying in the tummy area. However, I am determined to order one and see for myself. I am pushing the boundaries with what I wear all the time. Hell, a few years ago I wouldn't wear anything fitted at the waist and now I rock prom and skater dresses all the time. Just goes to show we are all at different stages in our body positivity journey. I'm just thankful that there are now dresses of all kinds being made in a wide range of sizes, and that we have forums like blogs, social media etc to share and soothe each other's concerns. Those shared experiences are what help me along with my journey every day, more so than any dress or brand.

  5. Even if I have been very confident in my own skin for at least the last 10 years showing my belly outline is something I find hard to do. I have done a few few times, but I've never felt comfortable doing it. I tried to do it at work on Wednesday with a quite fitted dress, but I got so many stares and I also overheard comments that it was not flattering so it knocked my confidence down to the ground again. I do like the Bellatrix dresses a lot, but would I dare to wear it? Doubt it. :(

  6. Ohhh how have I missed this. I'll be honest and say I wasn't that impressed with the medusa ( it was just a long sleeved dress in my eyes) but the frilly bottom looks awesome!
    Wearing all my weight on my chest and stomach (hello food baby) I would wear this and not care about VBO. If I did I seriously wouldn't own any clothes.
    Excellent post :)

  7. I love this post Debz. I feel somewhat conscious about my VBO (despite being aware that I'm on the smaller size of fat), but as you say above, the more of us who don't cover up our supposed "shameful flaws", the more the world will have to get used to the fact that fats big and small deserve to wear pretty dresses.

    The main reason I've not splashed out on a LadyVoluptious dress yet is the price and the fact that I don't really have anywhere to wear them!

    Hope your new job is going well :)