Here's What I Would Have Spent: Topshop

As you know every few weeks I get together a bunch of bloggers to do a Here's What I Would Have Spent. This time I wanted to do Topshop. They do up to a size 16 although looking at it they tend to do many items up to a size 12/14.

They have some lovely items on their website so it is a shame they don't do a larger range of sizes. Prices are affordable although not on the same wave length as Primark etc - obviously!

So, it's a really short post today - so much has been going on with #WeAreTheThey that I got a bit behind everything else!
But  - Topshop, if you did my size - Here's What I Would Have Spent

Debz xx

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  1. Ooh, great choices! I especially like the first two dresses - so pretty! I love this blog series xxx

  2. I went for the green one too!

  3. Eurgh ... now I really want the yellow sunflower dress ... I'm going off in sulk at their lack sizing options ...

    C xx