Jamelia - We Are The 'They' #Wearethethey

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few days, you will have heard about Jamelias comments regarding clothes shopping on the high street. I blogged about it here.

Today she has 'apologised'. Reassuring us that she only meant 'extremes' in sizes and that she feels the high street should stock sizes 6 to 20... It really is quite laughable. 

I feel that by saying 'they' should shop in specialist shops and 'they' should be made to feel uncomfortable it is all very anonymous. It is easy to say that a bunch of blank faces (and bodies) should be treated a certain way, but what Jamelia (and anyone who agrees with her) needs to realise is that WE are real people. We have REAL feelings, REAL jobs, friends and families. When you say that people should make 'them' feel uncomfortable you are encouraging them to treat US differently.. US as in real people.

So, Jamelia and anyone who feels that 'they' should be made to feel uncomfortable...


Sam // Lisa // Kate // Daisy

Rebs // Emma
// Stephanie // Becky 

Lindsey // Kerry // Charlene //  April //

Zoe // Michaela // Lucia

Susan // Lisa

Dawn // Lauren // Alyssa // Janet 

Katie // Cat // Rebecca // Vicky

Sharon // Katt // Joanne Sian

Elaine // Hayley // Sue

Shereen // Kerry-Ann // Tammy 

Nikki // Claire // Fig // Leah

It is worth pointing out these these women are bloggers and non bloggers, wives, girlfriends, sisters, mothers, cousins, friends, white, black, tall, short, large, extra large, casual dressers, vintage dressers, tea drinkers, bike riders, gym goers, couch potatoes..... and above all else the women that Jamelia feels should be MADE TO FEEL ASHAMED just for buying clothes to go on their back.

If you feel the same as me then please share this post on ANY social media you can. Let's spread the word. If you're below a size 6 or above a size 20 then tweet and Instagram your photos. Let's put even more faces to the people Jamelia feels should be made to feel uncomfortable. 

#WeAreTheThey and we are not ashamed.

Use the hashtag on any posts so I can see you all!!

Debz xx

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  1. Oh babes you are AMAZING!!!!!!!! Love this post I'll be joining you hunny #wearethethey brilliant post xxxx

  2. Yessssssss!!!!!!! So much win in one post! #WeAreThey xx

  3. Amazing post! Ill be joining #wearethey!!!

  4. Amazing post! Ill be joining #wearethey!!!

  5. Fantastic and fabulous post just like you Debt. ..I'm a BBW and proud ...I'll be joining#wearethey x

  6. And what a freakin gorgeous bunch we are. Unfortunately I have been hiding under a rock since Tuesday being ill and haven't been aware of the hasbeen pop starlet/rentagob comments but as usual you have nailed it! As one of the they, I'll be joining the #wearethey

  7. I love this post - and I was one of the ones under a rock I've only just read about this (was in hospital having a baby, forgiveable I'm sure!) the only thing I have to say is that you are missing the other side of the they, the under a size 6 (not that I have a clue what thats like) xx

    1. Thank you so much! This just happened to be the people who sent in photos. If you look at the hashtag on twitter or the media there are lots of under 6s too. No one is left out! xx

  8. I don't know why it's taken me so long to find this post but well done you for saying what needed to be said. xxx