It's OK That I'm Fat Because...

I vlogged!

I have a 16-minute rant about justifying our bodies! So many people are so used to explaining why they are a good type of fat person and I want to chat about what it means and what we should be doing instead.


I'm not sure I am likely to vlog very often, but it made a nice change!

Let me know what you think

Debz x

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  1. Debz the debate about health and morality is such an important one and something I think we should be discussing more often. That stigma associated with "unhealthy" lifestyles sticks more to fat people than any other group, as we seem to be easier to demonise. I think talking about it is important. I don't want to say that women shouldn't discuss their habits at all because I am interested in all the different ways plus size women use their bodies (personally), but I don't think the gym bunny should be seen as better than the person who isn't exercising. Life is more complex than that and my lifestyle choices around weight and health do not dictate whether I am a good person. Thank you for highlighting an important debate lady.

  2. Loved this vlog. You are so right. You don't have to justify yourself to anyone except yourself! If you are happy that's all that matters. If other people don't like how you look they don't have to look at you!

  3. Yes. The 'good fatty' analogy does no one any good. Firstly it does other people harm because the more we try to justify ourselves the more trolls/haters pat themselves on the back for making people defensive. Plus it's harmful to people who maybe can't exercise regularly (or at all) who are not just made to feel less than by haters but by other fat people too.

    It's a slippery slope of justifications and apologies. Every human being has worth, and that should not be conditional. No ifs, buts and maybes. Everyone! And anyone who needs that fact reaffirmed needs to take a long look at themselves, not others. xx