Evans Above. Not Even They Can Get It Right

If you are around my age or older (and perhaps a bit younger) you may have grown up shopping at Evans. As a fat teenager and a fat young woman, they were one of my only options when it comes to fashion. So when it comes to plus size fashion they're one of the front leaders and in fact, they have earned a name for themselves as one of the front runners in fashion. Yes, they might not always have the most outrageous items but they're high quality, well made and reliable... Yes reliable. And that is sometimes just what you need.

Today, I decide to browse the Evans website as I often do and saw that they have a 'Try It On' facility. Curiosity got the better of me so I clicked it. Basically, it seems that you enter your measurements and create a little online you, to try on the clothes and see how they would fit... Sounds great doesn't it?

Sadly, I can't tell you how well it works or whether it's accurate because their MeModel facility has deemed me 'too fat'. I know, that sounds dramatic doesn't it? But that is how I feel! When I go to put in my weight on their sliding scale, it simply does not go up high enough! So, according to Evans, if I am above 23 and a half stone I don't need to Try It On, or perhaps they are assuming that their clothes won't fit me? Who knows!

I know this is a bit of a something and nothing post, but I have been on Twitter tweeting my rage but it is just not enough. Evans stock clothing up to a size 32... If they are going to offer facilities to help us choose clothing this should go up to a size 32 too!

I understand that when it comes to fashion there are limitations and I sort of understand when they do special collections up to a size 26 because they feel that larger sizes will not sell. All of this costs THEM money and if they don't want to take that risk then what can you do?

BUT This is an online facility. It is supposed to help women choose clothing, perhaps empower women to choose something that they wouldn't usually do. Surely to add high weights wouldn't cost them any extra? So what excuse do they have for excluding me? It feels like another example of 'they' shouldn't wear that and that is not something that I intend to stand for. 

We Are The They And We're Not Going Away!!

Sorry for the rant!

Debz xx

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  1. I'm too fat for it too - I was able to set some measurements, and for a laff tried the try me model to see what things looked like - horrendous! Leggings looked like baggy trousers ffs!

    I don't think weight should even be a factor on that - you don't buy clothes by weight! I may be heavier than someone but be completely different measurements, and have a different size clothing label. xx

  2. Debz your not missing anything at all, I put my weight and measurements, they got me to a size 30-32 as you know I'm not that curvealicious in reality. The 3/4 trousers looked so wide and the vest top made me look square so I didn't even order them