Monday, 8 June 2015

We Are The They - A Follow Up!

If you haven't heard of #WeAreTheThey then click here or give it a Google. Long story short it is about breaking the mould... breaking fashion rules if you will, well tonight anyway! It is about standing up against anything that 'they' shouldn't do or how 'they' should be made to feel and saying HEY! We're real people and you shouldn't be treating us like this.

This evening from 7pm I invite YOU (and your friends and family - no matter their shape and size) to tweet a picture (or 10) of them breaking fashion taboos! Use #WeAreTheThey when you do - I want to see you all!

As ever, my amazing plus size blogger family have sent it pictures of them breaking ALL DA RULES! Don't they look beautiful??

Yours Truly and Murder of Goths

So we have body wearing, crop top embracing, arm flashing, figure hugging, striped design loving plus size women living and loving life! They make me so proud!!

What rules do you like breaking??

Debz xx

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  1. Thank you so much Debz for setting up #wearethethey - it's such a positive movement that has gained so much traction and is really helping women to embrace themselves and look stunning in ANYTHING! x0