Lady Voluptuous - Out of My Comfort Zone

There is no mistaking my love for Lady V London and their sister label, Lady Voluptuous. If you search my blog you'll find numerous posts about the brand and what I love! 

What you will find is that I have stuck to old faithfuls when it has come to their brand - they do tight fitting dresses well and that is what I have loved. I am a big fan of the Bellatrix and even sized down on the Cosette so that it fitted me tighter.

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Lady Voluptuous offered to send me some of their other dresses to try. I decided to take a leap out of my comfort zone and try something different. So I went for a skirt of theirs and a Lyra

The Lyra is a beautiful dress with soft material and a wrap over style neckline. It's lovely but not something that would draw my eye to a page of dresses, which is why I had never bought one before. However I have to admit, I was wrong.

As soon as I put on the black dress I saw it transform. Yes, it doesn't have the bold colour of a Cosette or a the fitted style of a Bellatrix but just look at it. It flows over my body so nicely and it feels so comfortable on. It's one of those dresses that you could pull from your wardrobe in a crisis, shove it on in a rush and know you are going to look fabulous! Now that I have tried it on, it's something I would reach for time and time again.

I tried the skirt because curiosity got the better of me. I love dresses but sometimes skirts feel a little scarier, but I am glad I tried it. Size wise it did come up a bit small so size up if you can, but as you can see the style, length and overall look of the skirt is great.

Lady Voluptuous were kind enough to lend me these dresses to take some photos in. They have listened to feedback from people wanting to see their styles on bigger bodies and so here I am! We have a few more blog posts in the pipeline. There's actually little I like more than a brand that listens!

So, what do you think of the skirt and the Lyra? Are they items you'd invest in?

Debz x

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I was lucky enough to be gifted some items in this post and I am very grateful, but I am always open and honest in my reviews!


  1. The Lyra is one I would love to try. I can imagine you could wear it for the day or dress it up for the evening. Trouble is I'm still dress phobic but this could be on the to change that. The skirt is gorgeous too xx

  2. I love the lyra, I wouldn't have tried it myself either but I think the cut looks really classic and love the way it looks on you too x