Oh Blackpool You Gem!

A few days ago the lovely at Talented Talkers asked me what I love about Blackpool and it got me thinking. I live in Morecambe, so I am just a short drive away from Blackpool and I love spending time there so I thought I would share with you some of the things I love about Blackpool.

For me Blackpool is a proper cheese-fest and I say when in Blackpool, do as Blackpoolians do! So if you're heading there then you need to pay a visit to Coral Island. The arcade is smack bang between the Central and North piers and it's brilliant! There are so many arcade machines here that there really is something for everyone. Personally I love trying to win a tacky keyring in the 2p machine but each to their own!

Perhaps unsurprisingly one of my favourite things about Blackpool is the food! You can barely go ten steps in Blackpool without the smell of fresh doughnuts hitting you. To be honest it would be rude to go to Blackpool and have a couple of these - they are delicious! Of course, when you're at the seaside you HAVE to have fish and chips - and Blackpool does not disappoint. There are so many chippies here and I have yet to taste a bad one, so you really do have your pick! However, the doughnut place right next to the North Pier entrance is amazing! 

Some friends and I on Blackpool promenade
Lastly and perhaps my favourite thing about Blackpool is the Peek a Booze Bar. Found just 5 minutes walk from Blackpool North train station. For me, this cabaret bar has everything you could need for a night out. For starters their drinks are at rock bottom prices - which already makes them a winner in my eyes. They have fantastic entertainment on throughout the weekend and the staff there are beyond lovely. The last night out I had there, they bought about sandwiches half-way through the night - what's not to love?

I think perhaps one of the nicest things about Blackpool is that there is something for everyone. You can do whatever you like here and make your trip here perfect. I've been to the zoo, I've played crazy golf, walked up the tower and so much more - it really is one of my favourite places to visit! Of course, the fact that there are a thousand and one places to stay here helps too!

Have you ever been?

Debz x

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  1. Oh! I love Blackpool x I was there in May and you're right, you can't go to Blackpool without having doughnuts. Hope I'm there again soon x

  2. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog! I like your posts and your style! Ciao bella!

  3. Just stumbled upon your lovely blog! I like your posts and your style! Ciao bella!