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So, you may have noticed over the last couple of weeks I have included a bit of varied content and I am hoping that will continue!

Writing about pretty dresses is great, but I take these pretty dresses on some amazingly fun adventures so I want to share that here. I don't think they'll be too overwhelming, but I thought it would be fun to include some varied content and mix things up a bit.

The other day I was windowing shopping on the House of Fraser website as I so often do - they have great a good range of plus size clothing so I often have a browse. Anyway, as I so often do I got distracted and ended up in their home ware section. It got me thinking, if I were actually a member of royalty and not just a wannabe princess, what type of glassware would I have? If I were to bring Buckingham Palace to me - what would I have? I know... it was late, but these are the type of things I like to think about before bed!

These were my 3 faves:

Who knew that looking at glassware could be so much fun? Maybe I will take up collecting them instead of dresses.... Maybe ;) Well done House of Fraser you did good!

Debz xx

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*Written in conjunction with House of Fraser

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