Beauty Trend Forecasts for London Fashion Week

Fashionistas, bloggers, designers and supermodels flock to London Fashion week to get the scoop on all the latest trends. Fashion designs worn on these runways will influence high-street fashion trends for the rest of the year, as will the hairstyles and make-up worn by the models. Read on for our London Fashion Week beauty trend forecast.

Dramatic Eyes

Beauty bloggers and fashion magazines like Vogue are hinting that dramatic eyes will be hot stuff this London Fashion Week. Think thick jet black liner that is heavily winged. This technique really accentuates the eyes and adds a modern and edgy finish to any look. Unique eyeliner designs, particularly small dots or arrows under one or both eyes, may also be seen this year.

Tousled Surf Hair

Out with the silky straight hair and in with the sexy, tousled, just got out of bed look. This hairstyle is great because it requires minimal styling and maintenance. A simple spritz with some tousling spray will help to create an effortless look. Ask your hairdresser for a blunt cut with a few layers snipped into it to help add a touch of body to your hairstyle. Rock Pamper Scissors make it easy to find and book hairdressers online. With a large selection of
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Bronzed Complexions

Inside info suggests that glamorous glowing and tanned models will be walking this year. Forget baking your skin in UV rays, to achieve the look you can go for a gentle bronzing lotion or book a spray tan. Bronzers and tinted highlights will help to really bring out the tan and keep it looking natural throughout the winter months.

Temporary Tattoos

Gone are the days of a semi-permanent tattoo that starts peeling in just several hours - there are now a range of tattoos that can last for a week or longer. Flash tattoos in metallic colours are going to be big next season, as are black tattoos in small geometric shapes and patterns, particularly on the hands or fingers.

Dark Pout

You may have already seen this trend worn by some of the world's most famous popstars and actresses - it is of course the burgundy pout. This colour that was popular in the 90s is making a huge comeback this season. Experiment with plum and deep black shades to really make a statement and dramatize any night-time look.

The No Make-up Make-up Look

Some designers will be ditching the bold make-up look in favour of a completely natural make-up look. Concealer, dewy foundation and a dash of highlighter are used to create a pretty base, while eyebrows are groomed to frame the face perfectly and achieve that bare face look.

From temporary tats to red wine lips, these are the beauty trends that you can expect to see on the catwalks of the next London Fashion Week. 

I wonder what this will mean for plus size fashion over the next session!

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