Walking Smack Bang Into A Plus Size Fashion Find

Seeing as today is my first day off work in what seems like forever I thought I would have a look at buying something to wear to The Curve Fashion Festival next weekend - nothing like leaving it to the last minute eh?

I tried all my usual outlets but nothing seemed quite right. I thought I'd try outside of the box and go for something different. I had seen Interrobang Art & Fashion mentioned on social media before but never paid much attention. 

When I had a proper look today the first thing I noticed on their Etsy page was that they had such a range of items. Clothing patterns, plain colours, films and much more - it was lovely to see such an array of choices.

However perhaps more importantly was their size range. I was literally over the moon (OK, maybe not literally) to see that their items went from a size 6 to a size 36.

I get excited when I can buy usual prints in my size, but it excites me even more when I can see that pretty much everyone can wear the items on offer. It's so rare to see such an offering that I had to write about it straight away! This is exactly what I want to see from retailers especially those who claim #plusisequal #stylehasnosize etc. This lady has been quietly doing what we wanted all along and that is something that needs to be celebrated!

I have messaged her to see if she can get me a skirt in time for Curve Fashion Festival. Either way I'll be buying an item so expect a proper review soon - I just couldn't wear to share it with you all!

What is your favourite item of theirs?

Debz xx

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