Why I'm Excited To Attend The British Plus Size Awards

As a plus size blogger I always love to hear about new events within the plus size community. Shopping events, fashion shows, night clubs, seminars and more, when it comes to plus size events I have been to them all! Each and every one of them have been different, but yet give me the same warm fuzzy feeling.

To someone who hasn’t experienced it or in fact needed a community like this, it can seem a strange concept but I tell you now it really is like nothing else. When I started my blog I didn’t know much about this community or what it could offer me but finding it has been life changing!

That is why I love the fact that the British Plus SizeAwards have been invented, to celebrate something that I feel so passionate about. When I attend plus size events I get to be surrounded by positive people who feel just like me. People living in larger bodies knowing that they are worthy of happiness and not letting their dress size hold them back. When you write it down it seems like such a simple concept but often harder than it seems.

I attended my first British Plus Size Awards last year and I had a ball. For starters as a fashionista I loved seeing so many women dressed up to the nines. I had proper dress envy over some of the outfits people wore - a proper array of colour and sparkle which set off the evening perfectly.

I then sat back and watched plus size women, men, brands and more celebrated for what they bring to the table. It was fantastic watching people support others and of course feel proud of their achievements. It was fantastic to see people realising what they have done is so important and being recognised for that!

I love that there are different categories – for new bloggers and more established ones for example. I think it’s great that we celebrate models, fashion companies, underwear choices, entertainers and much more. It really was a great night and the perfect excuse to don a posh frock and eat good food.

Of course it goes without saying that I cannot wait to attend again this year. I am going with a 
handful of friends but I know that when I get there everyone will be friendly and welcoming. Everyone who attends the event is there for the same reason – to celebrate just how much this plus size industry has come. It’s made some very important steps forward this year and on the 21st November we’re all getting together to celebrate – will you be there?

Debz xx

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