We Are The They And We're Here To Stay

You will have seen earlier on today I posted about a We Are The They campaign for this evening. 

If you're reading this it's time to get on social media and post on your photos. I want to see you looking fabulous! Simply post your favourite photos of you on Twitter and Instagram using #WeAreTheThey :)

Quite frankly I am fed up of the notion that I shouldn't be entitled to clothing because I might be unhealthy. I don't think people quite realise that they're talking about something as basic as putting clothes on a body when they say that plus size clothing should not exist.

I even saw a blog post this morning that suggests 'obesity kills' warnings should be sewn into the labels of my clothing. 

Here is a comment I left on a blog post (which I refuse to link to) this morning.

"I think you are a little bit confused about the reasons for size 32 clothing.... I AM a size 32 and therefore I need clothing in my size. If you think that I am a size 32 because of the multiple choices of clothing I am now 'lucky' enough to have you are wrong. The truth is that people were fat long before they had clothing available in their size. I have been the teenager having to wear ill fitting school blazers and the 20-something having to squeeze my body into a work uniform that didn't fit, just so I could do things as basic as getting an education or earning a living.
I think if you want to battle the 'heath' of our nation then that is a whole different argument. You can read debates on both sides of the coin when it comes to the current health of our nation compared to 50 years ago. However, please be assured that those of us are fat because of much more complex reasons than striving to fit into the handful of plus size clothing options that we now."
Plus size clothing might be available and it might make loving your body more acceptable - it also makes it possible for plus size people to look nice, go out to work, look after their children etc. The fact that clothing for fat people now exists is not the reason we are fat, so please do not deny us the right to something as basic as clothing when you talk about fat people and their right to clothing.

So anyway.... I wanted once again to highlight when people say 'they shouldn't have clothes in this size', 'they shouldn't be wearing a wedding dress like that' and 'they should lose weight to fit normal sized clothing'; WE are the people they are talking about.... WE ARE THE THEY AND WE'RE HERE TO STAY!

 Me, Hayley,Charli, Tanya, Kerry, Sam, Lucia and Becky

KittyEmma, Caroline, Charlie, Susan, Becs, Katt and Becky

Steph, Vicky, Leah, Caroline, Faith, Leah, Lucy and Mookie

Dom, Lee, Sharon, Elena, Sian, Lisa, Nikki

Don't forget - post your photos on social media using #WeAreTheThey so we can all see and share them all!

Debz x

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