Easter In Blackpool: A Shopping List

After a pretty bleak start to the year I am so excited to be off to Blackpool next weekend. My friends and I have turned Blackpool into a yearly tradition and I really can't wait. I know Blackpool isn't the ideal holiday destination for everyone but just having 3 days away with plenty of cheap drinks and the odd walk down the promenade is perfect for me.

Over the last couple of weeks I have been trying to plan what to take with me and if I need buy anything. One of the first things I did was promise myself I wouldn't buy a new dress.  I have so many beautiful dresses that are barely worn so I am trying to be more sensible in 2016 and re-use dresses! I'm not on any type of spending ban but just trying to be a bit more aware of my dress spending!

What To Wear

So... I have packed this beautiful Lady Voluptuous dress to take with me. I have packed one of the new Phoebe print dresses to take with me; which I'm really excited about! I love the flamingo print one I have so I'm looking forward to see how the new ones compare!

On My Face

I thought it would be nice to look at some new make up to take with me. I often don't do much with my lips but I thought I might treat myself to a lipstick. You might have guessed but I am not a massive make-up expert; so I headed over to the House of Fraser website. One of the things I like about their lipsticks is that they stock loads of brands so I found it easy to have a look through and decide what I wanted. These were my favourites.

I know my choice of lipsticks are pretty tame, but they're something I am still getting used to - loved all these shades of pink though!

What To Drink

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, something like this would be perfect:

What would you pack for a cheeky weekend away?

Debz xx

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