Lack of Dress Shopping

You might have noticed a lack of new fashion posts on my blog and Instagram lately. This is mainly because in 2016 I need to be more sensible. I earn just above the national living wage, which means realistically I don't have the cash to be splash on a new dress for every occasion.

At first I struggled with not shopping for a new dress on a whim, but actually when I look in my wardrobe I have some wonderful dresses that simply have not seen enough light of day. So, although I am not on a shopping ban I am definitely being more thoughtful in my fashion choices. 

While I was thinking about finances and money I was invited to have a read of this info graphic about working conditions around the world. It's quite interesting to see how different countries compare don't you think?

With thanks to Citrix GoToMeeting

That said, if I won the lottery a shopping spree at Lady V London would definitely be top of my list! Where would you shop if money were no object?


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