Catch The Bus: The Perfect Time To Catch Up On Life

This week I was invited by Stagecoach to talk about their Catch The Bus Week  - which is designed to show people what they could be doing during their commute if they weren't driving.

I jumped at the chance because I get the bus to and from work everyday and my local bus company happens to be Stagecoach.

I'll be honest, I am not a driver which is why you're probably used to seeing my train journey rants on Twitter - I don't seem to have much luck with train travel at all!

I would love to say that I use my bus travel time overly productively but to be honest with you, I use it to catch up on social media. That said, my 45 minute journey to work is nice and relaxing while I catch up on Snapchat and pop outfit photos up on Instagram. I even use the wifi on their bus so I don't use my mobile data  win/win!

Not going to lie, but you  have probably seen the odd #busselfie on my Instagram and Twitter too - sometimes the sunlight is so good that I just can't resist!

In the last few months we have even been given plastic swipes so for weekly tickets I don't even have to use a paper ticket. I even try and be organised and top up my card online! The good thing about bus pass prices is that Stagecoach do a weekly ticket, which works out perfectly for me!

My journey to work goes right up the promenade so I even share the odd snap like this to make everyone jealous ;)

Do you get public transport to get to work? Spend your time productively?


P.S   Tweet and let them know what you do while you're on the bus, use #ctbw and you could be £100 vouchers!

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