A Look At Esprit for the Next Season

I am sure by now you know that I am always on the look out for new brands to shop with. I am keen to explore new options and prove people wrong when they say that plus size fashion is bland and choice less. Sometimes this means stepping out side of the plus size box and accessorising with other options. For example, Last year I had a quick look at what Esprit Online offer and liked what they did (read that review here) so a year later I thought I would revisit them and see what they have on offer this Autumn

A screen shot of their front page

I should say at this point their actual clothing only goes up to a size 20, so unfortuantly rules myself a and I am sure lots of you out! However, I like to keep my eye on straight range places for accessories, bag and shoes. Yes, it can sometimes feel like a shame to only use a brand for something as simple as footwear, but for now that is just the way it is. I really like their clothing so I hope one day they extend this to be more plus size, but then I think that about the whole fashion industry!

When it comes to shoes I am all about comfort, so the fact that they have some really lovely flats is great. These 3 are my faves and all go up to a size 8. I usually wear a size 6 sometimes widefit so I would probably be tempted to size up in these to ensure that they were comfortable enough to wear all day. 

Special shout out to this bag, which is BEAUTIFUL!

I know that plus size clothing options are important and I will always push for more of these, but I think it's nice to dabble elsewhere so you can and mix up your wardrobe. You can shop for accessories from Esprit here.

Do you shop in any fashion stores that don't stock plus size?

Debz x

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