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This week I was introduced to a new voucher and freebie website and I was really impressed. Most of you know by now that I love to bag a bargain so I am always looking at ways to save money, especially when it comes to shopping online. I got out of the habit of applying for freebies online but I might have to get back into it now. I don't know about you but I love getting post so freebies coming through the letter box are like little presents to myself, without having to spend anymore.

When I looked at the Gratisfaction UK website the first thing that struck me was how nice and bright it was. You'll all know I'm a fan of colour, so this website caught my eye straight away! I also liked how easy it was to navigate and find free stuff. In the past browsing for UK freebies hasn't always been the easiest, so this website is well needed.

On the website there are different sections. The Freebie section as it suggests is the bit you want to find out about all the free stuff. This bit lists different competitions and free samples to sign up for - YAY! I like that you can see how many people have liked it, so you can see how popular things have been. Flash Bargains looks at different last minute codes, sales and bits and pieces - great if you're window shopping online and want to find a way to save money. Voucher Codes is probably my favourite bit - I love using discount codes when I shop online! Hot shows the bits that have the most likes so you can see what is being claimed and used the most!

When it comes to shopping online I would always recommend using a website like Gratisfaction because why would you want to spend more online than you need to?

What tips do you have for getting a bargain online?

Debz x

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